Hundreds brave long, cold lines to snap up Snapchat Spectacles in New York

Enthusiasm for Snapchats pop-up sales of video-capturing sunglasses bubbled into a second day as people camped out in hats, scarves and sweaters

As temperatures dipped and high winds whistled down Manhattans Fifth Avenue on Tuesday hundreds waited in line for the chance to snap up this seasons must-have tech toy Snapchat Spectacles and the possibility to make some extra money.

This was the second day that tech company Snap Incs Spectacles pop-up store had opened on 59 th street and enthusiasm for the video-capturing sunglasses hadnt waned. Its doorways were closed until 4.00 pm but by 12.30 pm, the line to buy had already stretched around the corner to Fifth Avenue and up to 60 th street. There were about 150 people waiting at that time, still with three and a half hours to go.

Those waiting stood in jackets and hats, scarves and layered sweaters. Some were huddled together and others the professionals sat in plastic tents to keep out the wind. One woman, Kelsey, was garmented in a dinosaur costume.

Kelsey, who had come with her friend Krystal clad in a neon green snowsuit for warmth arrived on the scene at 10.30 am. The pair had tried to come on Monday to get their hands on the technology, but were too late. We decided to shower in the morning which wasnt the right move because by the time we got here there was a line, Krystal joked.

On Tuesday, the pair arrived with snacks, blankets and enthusiasm. Were not calling it “ve been waiting for” line, were calling it tailgating, Krystal said. We merely felt like the word tailgating makes it seem like more of an event and less “ve been waiting for” line for this product.

A woman standing in line behind them said she thought Spectacles would make it much easier to take videos of cats.

The coveted device consists of a pair of sunglasses with a camera inside. They shoot video which directly links to the Snapchat app. Each pair of glasses costs $129.99 and clients can purchase two Spectacles each.

Braven Stone, an economics student at Hunter College, was one of the first people in line on Tuesday morning. He didnt know what time the store would open, but didnt want to take a chance so he arrived at 4am. Im kind of in the new tech fandom, so Im down for anything, Stone said.

But Stone said he hoped to sell the Spectacles, rather than to be maintained for himself. People walking by had stopped to ask him if he would sell them to him, Stone said. Hes hoping to get $700 for them. On eBay, Spectacles are listed at a few hundred dollars to as much as $1,000 though its unclear if people are actually buying them for such exorbitant sums.

Others in line were also hoping to turn a profit through resale.Joe Miller and Joy Aldrich, who had recently moved to New York from Colorado, had purchased two pairs of Spectacles each on Monday and were waiting in line again on Tuesday to buy two more to sell.

Snap Inc, the company that constructs Snapchat and Spectacles, has kept the locations of its Spectacles pop-up stores secret. Before New York, the Snapbot a vending machine of Spectacles had recently appeared in the Grand Canyon and at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, among other locations, according to the New York Times.

Miller said he had been watching the countdown clock online for about 2 week awaiting the next locating. If the store hadnt been in New York, he had considered traveling to it. Honestly to think youre making a thousand bucks to go, whats a $200 train ticket? Miller said. Between undertakings, the money would be helpful with rent and presents for the holidays, he said.

Robert Samuel, the owner of Same Ole Line Dudes, was sitting in a clear plastic tent with his computer on Tuesday morning holding a spot in line for a paying client. He and his company got on line at 7.30 am to purchase Spectacles for 13 people.

Robert Samuel, a professional line sitter, waits to buy Snapchat Spectacles for his customers. Photo: Nicole Puglise for the Guardian

Samuel said business had been booming since the Spectacles store opened up, with people from as far as Toronto and Florida hiring him and his employees to procure the device for them.

People want it when they want it and they dont want to wait for it to make Pensacola, Florida, if it ever will, he said with a laugh.

At around 3.50 pm, about 50 people were let into the store to queue up for the Snapbot vending machine. Over the next hour, they slowly percolated out, Spectacles in hand. Those still waiting called out: Congratulations. Most people bought two, and black seemed to be the most popular color.

Kyuwon Choi, a quantitative researcher for a hedge fund, was one of the first people to build the buy. Im feeling so good, he said after walking out. I had been waiting for 12 hours and now Ive ultimately got them. He plans to keep one for himself, and might sell the other.

Others stood outside with their purchases, building telephone call or haggling with passersby.

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Cat Behavior Associates suggests preparing your family cat in advance if you're expecting. For instance, the site suggests having your cat familiarize him/herself with the baby equipment or nursery before your bundle of joy comes home. Another good

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20 Useful Lifehacks Every Pet Owner Should Know

From cat breath to dogs going crazy during a thunderstorm, living with a pet isnt always as idyllic as the dog food commercial suggests.

However, life with your pet doesn’t have to be a long constraints and obstacles of stray hairs and poop. Thanks to this infographic from . uk , it might get a little bit easier ranging from cleaning tips, removing claw marks and DIY pet toys.

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Luna Lovegood isn’t happy about her Pottermore Patronus quiz outcomes

Irish actress Evanna Lynch plays the quirky and loveable Luna in the Harry Potter film series .
Image: Warner Bros

LONDON In occurrence you live under or a rock or you’re not a true Harry Potter fan, you should know that the official Pottermore Patronus quiz is here.

If you’re still reading at this phase( again, clearly not a true Potterhead why aren’t you taking the quiz rn ??) be alerted: some people are not happy with their results, including Luna Lovegood.

Actually, according to the books/ cinemas, Luna’s Patronus is a hare, and we have no reason to believe that she isn’t pleased by her furry protector.

But Evanna Lynch, the actress who portrays Luna in the films, took to Twitter to express disappointment and bewilderment in the results of her quiz šŸ˜› TAGEND

That’s right a salmon. But the actress admits that her first try at the quiz uncovered her Patronus to be something she found equally, if not more, offensive šŸ˜› TAGEND

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When Homeless Shelters Create Room For Pets, Everybody Wins

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Life just got a little easier for homeless families with pets near Salem, Oregon.

Last week considered the opening of a new cat and puppy boarding facility for families in transitional housing.

That means that Betty Hargens and her great-grandson, who lost their home after medical expenses for Hargens late husband became too much to bear, dont have to be separated from their beloved Chihuahua, Chloe.

I adopted her out of a veterinarian’s office I ran in, and she is so dear to me, Hargens told the Statesman Journal . She means everything to me and my great-grandson.

Previously, Hargens had to wrap Chloe in a blanket and leave her in the car while she and her great-grandson slept inside churches converted into shelters.

The new facility, which is has space for six dogs and two cats, is the one-ninth of its kind by the PetSmart Promise program, a collaboration between PetSmart and Family Promise, a nonprofit organization that serves homeless families. It’s attached to the West Salem day center, which is part of The Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network, a Family Promise affiliate. Pet proprietors care for and play with their pets during the day, while volunteers take over the animals’ care at night while the owners sleep at churches that are part of the network.

The first PetSmart Promise shelter set up in 2012 in Phoenix.

Most homeless shelters dont accept pets, so households were choosing to live in their vehicles or on the street in order to stay with their pet, a PetSmart spokesperson told The Huffington Post. Pets offer an invaluable comfort to their family members. For the children of these homeless households, their pet may be the only constant part of their life. Its important for their well-being that they not have to give up their pet too.

The difficulties of being homeless with pets are well-documented. Earlier this year, Oregon man Bob Brokaw told the Associated Press that he wont seek a warm bed in cold weather because most shelters wont allow his best friend, international borders collie who has been by his side for eight years, inside.

Im not getting rid of my dog to go indoors, he said. Brokaw noted he does all he can to care for his pet.

He eats what I eat and every time I have something extra, he gets it, he told the AP.

Brokaws predicament isnt that unusual. An estimated 5 to 10 percent of homeless people have cats or dogs, according to Pet of the Homeless, a nonprofit that are linked homeless pet proprietors with pet food and veterinary care. And that means many people choose not to seek shelter, instead of abandoning their animal companions, the organization writes šŸ˜› TAGEND

“The major problem for a homeless person is housing. Many shelters, motels and other assisted housing programs do not want to have pets on their property, due to health department limiteds and safety of the others they serve. So they live in their vehicles, in RVs and in tent camps.”

Victims of domestic violence often find themselves in similar quandaries, since many domestic violence shelters also dont accept pets. However, more and more facilities are beginning to recognize the questions and offer living quarters for companion animals.

These people are faced with terrible, gut-wrenching decisions, Esperanza Zuniga of pet rescue group Red Rover told HuffPost in May . “[ They are] faced with, ‘do I leave this dangerous situation and leave my pet behind to face more danger? ‘”

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They Came To Run And Found Plastic Bins With Something Heartbreaking Inside

Just before dawn on February 9, staff at the Cat House on the Kings in Fresno, California, made a shocking discovery. In their driveway were 14 plastic bins. Each one had a cat and a blanket inside and was zip-tied shut.

Air pits had been poked in each bin and the cats did not appear to have been abused in any way. Someone must have cared for the cats, but broke the law when they decided to abandon them. Although the no-kill shelter was already housing over 800 felines, they rapidly began to transport the cats to safety.

The cats were to stay in the driveway around 5 a.m. While the Cat House is committed to helping and protecting felines, they’d never seen a drop-off of this magnitude before.

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Thirteen of the bins contained one cat, while the last one held a mama cat and her two kittens. The oldest of the bunch appeared to be about three years old. None of the 16 had been microchipped or spayed/ neutered.

Some were a bit shaken by the event, but all were healthy. I bet this mommy is glad to have a safe, warm place for her babies!

<div class="llcust" data-lltype="media" id="ll_5908468486836" data-source="RTAG" 6 tt

The shelter hopes to have the cats up for adoption soon, but wants to let them settle in and recover from their ordeal first. In the meantime, they are facing a ton of unexpected expenses to feed, house, vaccinate, and neuter the 16 cats. If you’d like to make a donation to their cause, click here

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