8 professions that could hurt your heart( and build you fat)

( CNN) Some people blame their sweet tooth, some blame their couch potato lifestyle, but now something else may be to blame for what’s hurting your heart( and/ or inducing you fat ): your job.

Scientists presenting their work at the American Heart Association conference on Tuesday found that people in some professions tend to have less healthy habits than others.

Why do people opt puppies over cats? They’re more controllable, study finds – Big Think

Why do people favor dogs over cats? They’re more controllable, study finds Big Think

New research shows that puppies tend to be preferred over cats because they’re sees as more controllable. As a result, we feel more psychological ownership over …

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Dog Shoves Cat’s Face In Snow

Oh man, who can’t feel the elation of the dog- or the inconvenience of the cat ?! Lindsay Roy-Bernatchez witnessed her cat Katniss get dunked by a German sheppard. Apart from a moment of pure laughter she got over 200.000 views on this video.

“Mon chat et mon chien”

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Robot pets offer real consolation

( CNN) Your next Fido simply might be a robot.

The toy company Hasbro’s Joy for All brand launched a new life-like robotic puppy on Monday, a companion pet puppy to accompany the brand’s companion pet cat already on the market. Both products are designed to bring companionship and convenience to aging adults.

The robotic cat is equipped with a soft fur that gently vibrates where reference is purrs, while the puppy barks and cocks its head in your direction when you speak.

The healing power of animals

Study: Loneliness increases the health risks of death

Watch this robotic dog do the dishes

University suspends men’s service group over alleged hazing before deadly accident – KGO-TV

University suspends men’s service group over alleged hazing before deadly crash KGO-TV

The University of Texas at Austin has suspended the Texas Cowboys spirit group from campus for six years following an investigation into alleged hazing during …

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The 33 New Books You’ll Want To Add To Your Shelf Next Year

2017, ahoy! These are the books among others! that we can’t wait to read.



The Human Who Shot My Eye Out Is Dead by Chanelle Benz

A debut collection that spans centuries and oceans, Benz’s book skips from escapade to adventure for an action-packed, imaginative read. Her stories explode with thrills, but also lay bare the crimes, compromises and traumas that shape her characters’ lives. -Claire Fallon

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