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Naughty Cat Destroys Toilet Paper Roll

Adorable Yet Naughty Cat Tears Up Toilet Paper Roll

In this hilarious yet naughty video, this kitty is considered unraveling, tearing up, and rolling the toilet paper roll back up! He doesn’t seem to mind that the camera was watching him, and he continued to do whatever he wanted to do( which was tearing up the toilet paper ). There’s something about the gratification of tearing up tissue paper that dogs and cats love to chase after. Check out some more of our favorite animal videos!

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60 Stupidly Simple Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Ask Reddit came up with a fun list of facts you’ve never heard before !

1. The filling in a Kit Kat is broken up Kit Kats.

2. In Switzerland, it’s illegal to own merely one guinea pig; if you have any, you have to have at least two. They get lonely!

3. From the time Pluto was discovered until the time it was demoted from planethood, it still hadn’t made one complete revolution around the sun.

4. Dogs can tell when you’re coming home by how much of your smell is left in the house if you have a daily routine.

5 . Bunny can’t move their legs independently, which is why they can’t walk, only hop.

6. Giraffe tongues are black.

7. The name for the Arctic comes from the ancient Greek word for bear- arktos. Named after one of the constellations Ursa Major( Big Bear) or Ursa Minor( Little Bear ), but there are bears living there too. So basically, the Arctic is called’ Bear ‘, and the Antarctic is called’ Not Bear.’

8. Otters have scalp pockets for their favorite rocks.

9. Chocolate was once used as currency( by the Aztecs ).

10. Male seahorses carry the newborn in their tummy instead of the mommy.

11. Some frogs will glow when they feed fireflies.

12. The surface of Mars is covered in rust, constructing the planet seem red.

13. Cashews come from a fruit.

14. Hippopotamus milk is pink.

15. Rainbows are circles.

16. The red food-coloring( carmine) that’s used in a lot of candy is made up of a kind of beetle.

17. There are more superstars than there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world.

18. Some fish cough.

19. Most elephants weigh less than a blue whale’s tongue !

20. Horses have roughly a 350 degree field of vision around them with one of their two blind spots being in the front. Horses can’t see directly ahead for up to about four feet.

21. Cows can walk up stairs, but they can’t stroll down.

22. Sea otters hold hands when they sleep.

23. The little jump guinea pigs do when they’re happy is called popcorning.

24. Some species of burrowing spiders maintain teeny tiny frogs in their burrows to keep it free of glitches too small for the spider to get that might try to eat the spider’s eggs.

25. At birth, a newborn panda is smaller than a mouse.

26. Apples float but pears sink. Apples float because they are 25% air.

27. The color red doesn’t make policemen angry; they are colorblind.

28. Pineapples used to be so expensive that people would rent them as a centerpiece for their party.

29. When a cat walks towards you with its tail up that means it likes you and is aroused to see you.

30. Horses can’t vomit.

31. Pineapples are a collection of berries.

32. Pufferfish are full of water … not air.

33. A Siamese cat’s fur color is dependent on its body temperature. That’s why the colder areas of the body such as the snout, paws, and tail are darker than the rest.

34. Kangaroos can’t walk backwards.

35. Horses are more closely related to rhinos than to deer.

36. The distance from your inner elbow to your wrist is the same as the length of your foot. This one is fun because it audios insane( the forearm looks longer ), but if you put your foot to your limb you see that’s it’s accurate.

37. Butterflies reek with their feet.

38. A lot of the TV or internet videos you watch come from undersea cables.

39. There’s a D is Fridge but not in Refrigerator.

40. Aluminum used to be such a precious metal, and so expensive, that the top point of the Washington Monument is made of pure aluminum. At the time of building, that aluminum would be about like capping it with platinum today.

41. A day on Venus takes longer to complete Than a year on Venus. How? It simply takes longer for Venus to do one complete rotation around its own axis than it does for the planet to rotate in various regions of the sun.

42. A platypus lays eggs, and has milk, constructing it the only mammal that could in theory make its own custard.

43. Lobsters were considered disgusting and low-class food, to the point that feeding them to captives too often was considered cruel and unusual punishment.

44. Making pennies expense more than their actual value.

45. Humans are bioluminescent and glow in the dark, but the illumination that we emit is 1,000 hours weaker than our human eyes are able to pick up.

46. Birds poo and pissing from the same hole at the same time.

47. A group of elephants is a parade, groupings of owls is a parliament, a group of wild cats is called a destruction.

48. A polar bear’s scalp is black.

49. It takes a little over 8 minutes for the light from the Sun to get to earth.

50. Wombat poop is cube-shaped.

51. Today’s bananas don’t really taste like the bananas from the 60 s. Artificial banana flavor savors weird to us because it’s based on the Gros Michel banana.

52. If you hot up a magnet, it loses its magnetism.

53. Parrot fish are responsible for most of the sand in the world. They feed coral looking for the good stuff and spit up the chewed up pieces which happens to now be sand.

54. The elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump.

55. Rabbits usually sleep during the day, but they often sleep with their eyes open so you can’t tell.

56. Violin bows are usually made from pony hair.

57. There was more time between the Stegosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex than between Tyrannosaurus rex and humans.

58. There’s an island in Japan populated merely by fluffy bunnies!

59. The speed needed to break the sound barrier is lowest at sea level due to air density.

60. Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn.


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Melissa Driscoll Krol: Nonprofit controls stray cat population in Odenton and the county –

Melissa Driscoll Krol: Nonprofit controls stray cat population in Odenton and the county

SAVE Cats, a nonprofit whose goal is to reduce the number of stray cats and unwanted kitten litters through a system of Trap-Neuter-Release( TNR ), has been …

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Army called in to tackle moorlands fire

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media captionTimelapse footage shows the spread of the flame near Saddleworth Moor

The military has been called in to help battle a huge moorlands fire which has been raging for three days.

The blaze cover-ups 3.7 miles( 6km) of moorland above Stalybridge and inspired the evacuation of up to 100 homes.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service( GMFRS) confirmed it had asked for military assistance.

One resident described assuring “ash falling like rain” and another said it “looked like the apocalypse”.

Moorland fire in scenes How do you tackle a moorland blaze ? ‘Apocalyptic’ moors fire continues to rage Image caption Smoke from the flame could be seen from space, as captured by the University of Dundee from a NASA satellite Image caption GP Richard Bircher said patients had been attending his surgery with smoke-related problems Media captionDrones capture the vast moorland flame Image caption The fire on Tuesday night was accompanied by a dramatic full moon Image caption Firefighters continued to battle the fire at daybreak on Wednesday Image caption Kelly McFie said it was a “massive relief” to come home


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Pets of the Week for May 24, 2019: Guinea pig brothers, odd-eyed white cat[ Video] – Reading Eagle

Pets of the Week for May 24, 2019: Guinea pig brothers, odd-eyed white cat[ Video ] Reading Eagle

This week’s blaze of white includes Scuttle and Sebastian who are looking for a home together, Adelaide who is almost all white with a touch of gray on the top …

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NHS renovations in progress – anticipate some navigation changes – WOWT

NHS redevelopments in progress – anticipate some navigation changes WOWT

The Nebraska Humane Society has just begun its $ 14 million dollar renovation and that’s putting some twistings in the route that you follow on the path to pets.

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Puerto Rico can’t afford to pay for Trump’s wall

( CNN) Since announce his presidential bid in June 2015, Donald Trump has repeatedly promised that Mexico will pay for a wall at the southern US border. But the President has realized that this plan isn’t going to work. He has now been briefedon an alternate plan to divert billions of dollars, earmarked for disaster relief in Puerto Rico, Texas and elsewhere, is payable for his wall.

And, in Puerto Rico, Governor Ricardo Rossello tweeted, “No wall should be funded on the ache and suffering of US citizens who have suffered tragedy and loss through a natural disaster.”

To even think about building the wall at the expense of hurricane victims is ludicrous. The border crisis is entirely manufactured by the Trump administration, whereas the issue of hurricane relief remains real and pressing.


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A Child In Idaho Has Contracted The First Local Case Of Bubonic Plague In Nearly 30 Years

A child in Elmore County, Idaho, is in recovery after the contracting an infection of the Yersinia pestis bacteria- a disease so infamous that it is simply called the plague; though you may know it from its other memorable title, the Black Death.

The announcement, issued by the state’s Central District Health Department( CDHD ), marks the first corroborated case of plague in Idaho in 26 years.

Having evolved to live inside rodents, Yersinia pestis is primarily transmitted to new hosts- including us humans- via flea bites. Because rats and mice have been following traveling humans to new settlements and civilizations for thousands of years, it was difficult to pinpoint where the bacteria first arose until DNA sequencing came onto the scene. We now know that the microbe is native to the mountainous steppe region of central Asia, yet is currently circulating, at various levels, in rodent populations across the world.

content-1528930113-plague-map.jpg World Health Organization

One of the more significant plague reservoirs is the western United States, which is why many parks in this region post signs advising visitors to keep their distance from wild rodents and to wear protective garment and/ or insect repellent. But despite its lurk presence, the number of human infections reported annually in the US is very low- merely about 1 to 17 for the past several decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Per the Idaho CDHD press release, the unnamed child had taken a recent trip to Oregon. Because the infection can incubate for a few days, it is impossible to determine where he or she came into contact with a Y. pestis-carrying flea. Since 1990, there have been eight confirmed occurrences in Oregon and two in Idaho.

Christine Myron, the CDHD spokesperson, told the Washington Post that the child became ill late last month, and was treated with antibiotics at an Elmore area hospital. Earlier this week, laboratory exam results came back that corroborated it was a case of bubonic plague- the most common of the three forms of the disease.

Bubonic plague occurs when Y. pestis introduced into the body travels through lymphatic vessels to a lymph node, where it employs multiple devious tricks to evade the immune system while rapidly replicating. As it accumulates in the lymph node, the bacterium secretes toxic chemicals that induce the symptoms of fever, weakness, and headache. Eventually, nearby tissue begins to die off, leading to the characteristic swollen, blue-black lymph nodes called “buboes”.

If speedily treated with antibiotics, most cases of bubonic plague will resolve. If it goes too long without intervention, however, the infection can progress to the bloodstream, turning into the far more lethal septicemic form.

A painting of beset victims covered in buboes, from a German-language Bible from Switzerland dated to the year 1411. Everett Historical/ Shutterstock

To protect yourself and your pets( who can also get sick or pass it on to you) against exposure to Y. pestis, the CDHD recommends 😛 TAGEND Don’t touch or manage wild rodents or their carcass Keep your pets from wandering and hunting rodents Use a veterinarian approved flea control product on your cats and dogs Don’t feed rodents in campgrounds, picnic areas, or near your home Prevent rodents from coming near your home by removing accessible food sources and nest locations, such as pet food or wood pilings If you find a group of dead ground squirrels, report it to that state’s Department of Fish and Game


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Bat determined near O’Fallon exams positive for rabies – 70 West Sentinel

Bat discovered near O’Fallon tests positive for rabies 70 West Sentinel

The St. Charles County Department of Public Health confirms that a at-bat found in O’Fallon this week has tested positive for the rabies virus. Rabies is a.

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This Tumblr Page Is All About The Most Beautiful Scottish Straight& British Shorthair Cats

Scottish straight cats on tumblr define itself as a place where cats of Scottish Straight& British Shorthair breeds are adored and where people can see and share photos of their cute friend.


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