6 Video Game Feats So Amazing They Construct You Question Reality

When we think of the most creative thing we’ve done in a video game, it’s either drawing a penis with bullets in Call Of Duty or calling someone a penis in Call of Duty . But maybe you’re more intellectual, and instead fostered a thriving penis neighborhood in Cities: Skylines .

Paradox Interactive The people there seem very happy.

Regardless, while the rest of us were attaining dick gags out of gunfights and zoning laws, more creative gamers were doing some truly amazing things. For instance …


Someone Remade Pokemon Red … Inside Minecraft

You might have played Pokemon Red . It’s a little-known, underrated gem about small children combating a terrorist cell with animal slaves that only sold about five million transcripts . Here’s the title screen to jog your memory.

MrSquishy/ Nintendo/ Mojang And like that, 20 years of sobriety down the drain.

But oh, that screenshot wasn’t taken on a Game Boy. Every pixel on that is made out of Minecraft blocks, being processed by a computer constructed out of Minecraft blocks. As in, you enter a Minecraft server, and inside it is a giant Game Boy, with which your character can play a version of Pokemon Red that is, for all intents and purposes, exactly like the original. And it’s not some crazy mod or hack — perfectly everything required to play it exists within the game world itself.

This marvel of video game architecture contains over 357,000 hand-placed command blocks. They work together to control the textures on the “Game Boy” you’re playing to constantly update a series of overlapping textures, giving the impression of a screen. For instance, one specific command block might test whether a player has inputted a command to move upwards. If the government had, the command block will trigger a series of other command blocks that change the textures on the in-game “screen” you’re looking at, attaining it appear as though your character has moved upwards. It’s programming through architecture instead of code, and the scale of it is unbelievable. Here’s what it looks like when you zoom out 😛 TAGEND

MrSquishy/ Nintendo/ Mojang “On this episode of Fixer Upper , Chip and Joanna take on their dorkiest client yet.”

And all those tens of thousands of blocks painstakingly stacked into a giant microchip somehow work together to create this 😛 TAGEND

MrSquishy/ Nintendo/ Mojang And you spent your time playing Pokemon Go , like an idiot.

The creator, who goes by the name Mr. Squishy, did this all with nothing more than a transcript of Minecraft , a downloadable resource pack, an Excel spreadsheet, and A LOT of hour. Pokemon Red ‘s original code wasn’t copied and pasted, but recreated through intuition and guesswork, brick by brick. It even recreates some of the game’s iconic glitches and glitches. This obscene accomplishment of human ingenuity required Mr. Squishy’s in-game avatar to walk the equivalent of 1,760 miles. So if you’re still on the fence about whether or not we live in a simulation, remember that there are now characters in video games who have no idea they’re being controlled by characters in video games who have no idea they’re being controlled by you.


Someone Induced A Game About Jumping Dirt Bikes Into A Survival Horror Experience

Trials Fusion is about racing dirt bikes through obnoxiously unlikely loops-the-loops and jumps. You carefully aim the front of your motorcycle to line up with ramps, and most people would agree that we’ve already fully explained the game.

Ubisoft It’s a lot of this, over and over and over until you get it exactly right.

The point is, it’s not a complicated game, and it’s not even close to a survival horror first-person shooter about killing waves of cyborg zombies. So it was strange when someone used the game’s way creator to make exactly that.

Pneumatic Bog4 84/ Ubisoft Also basically a glorified Flash game.

Without outside tools or third-party software, some mad genius used the way creator to completely change the genre. To clarify, this is Trials Fusion 😛 TAGEND

Ubisoft “Wheeeeeee! “

And somehow, this is also Trials Fusion 😛 TAGEND

Pneumatic Bog4 84/ Ubisoft “Wheeeeeeoooooa what the hell? “

Same game. No mods. And to further clarify, this way inventor doesn’t precisely have a “change this whole fucking thing to a different game” button. You can see footage of it here — at first glance, it just seems to be a very robust ramp-placing tool.

The “track” is a full-featured, faithful homage to Call Of Duty ‘s infamous zombie mode, and it includes 18 unique weapons, eight perks, rudimentary AI for the zombies, and even a mystery box. If you own Trials Fusion , you can play it for yourself by searching for “COD Zombies Polar Darkness” within the user-created maps. It virtually seems like painting the Mona Lisa with macaroni and cheese, but it’s actually closer to making a working Terminator robot out of Mona Lisa s.

Put simply, it works by manipulating the game’s event system to stimulate the camera your bitch. A “trigger” is generated that flames every frame, and that trigger is linked to an event that sets the camera to a certain position( head height) and slant, depending on button inputs( allowing you look around ). The whole thing is essentially one huge, insanely complex cutscene constantly being edited in real hour by the person playing video games. The Trials Fusion level editor is weirdly powerful, and people have even used it to create a rudimentary version of Minecraft . So again, to those of you who think we’re not living in a simulation: You can now play a level in a dirt bike video game that recreates Minecraft , a game in which you can recreate Pokemon , putting you now four or five layers of abstraction away from current realities you currently think of as real.


Someone Beat Super Mario 64 Without Jumping

If there’s one feature that’s universal in platforming games, it’s jumping. How else are you going to get between two platforms or murder a turtle? Well, if you’re Scott Buchanan, you get between two platforms by sliding, punching, kicking, glitching, or ricochetting off foes — absolutely anything but jumping. How’d he pull this off? Well, first Scott recorded and noted almost every aspect of the game, generating countless documents to figure out how he could do this insane thing for no apparent reason. It’s truly a heroic level of lunatic obsession.

The amount of detail and accuracy necessary to complete these tasks without jumping is unbelievable, and a stage that takes two minutes to complete could take over two weeks of meticulous planning to get right. For example, in one world, he figured out that the depth of the water was determined by a “signed integer, stored using two’s complement notation, ” which sounds like utter nonsense to anyone without a PhD in Super Mario , but essentially means that if the water level rises one unit above its maximum, it cycles back around and becomes the minimum value. So if you continuously create the water level and reload the different levels, you can trick video games into resetting, and thus navigate heights use water. It’s the kind of achievement that induces you worry what would happen if such a mind were to be used for evil.

All that forethought and preparation leads to a seriously strange run-through.

So there you go: If your A button stops running, you can still beat this level … if you have 11 hours .

Here’s another bizarre solution to this completely manufactured problem, wherein Scott uses the momentum Mario gains from being scorched by lava to launch himself places that would normally require him to jump.

“Why yes, I did access that turtle shell block without jumping. Ladies.”

He completed one level without pressing ANY buttons, solely using momentum, green shells, and environmental hazards to both navigate and kill enemies.

If you can’t induce Mario suddenly launch himself backwards at the speed of light, what are you even doing ?

To ruin the fun a little, this was all achieved as a Tool-Assisted Speedrun( TAS ), entailing some of the gameplay you’re watching was performed by a machine following a series of predetermined commands. Humans simply don’t have the reaction time needed to complete some of the frame-by-frame inputs necessary. Sure, a human had to figure out how to do it all in the first place, and that required countless hours of work, but it’s still a bit of an asterisk on the end of this Fucking Ridiculous Mario Achievement Award.

Sam Wooley To put it into view, heres one of the spreadsheets he had to stimulate to complete these runs.

If you’d like to learn more( and who wouldn’t ?), here’s a gallery of all the math needed to complete a single 5.4 -hour run. Examine it well, and maybe one day you can be the first person to beat Mario 64 without pressing left, or perhaps from the centres of 10,000 bees. The point is, you can only move sideways from this level of madnes; you can’t top it.


Someone Meticulously Recreated 1920 s Berlin In Second Life

Second Life is an online virtual world where players can role-play as anyone they like! Which entails it’s plainly filled to the brim with kinky sex stuff, like the barbarian fucking community we linked to in the midst of this sentence. Enjoy.

Once you filter out the smut, the minuscule quantity of remaining content shows you how creative people can get inside virtual spaces. There’s a reason a game released in 2003 still considers over 600,000 unique monthly guests and boastings an estimated GDP of $500 million. There’s the fascinating story of the rise and fall of the world’s first virtual Duran Duran theme park. And if genre-defining synth pop bands aren’t your thing, you can visit Genome Island, the world’s first virtual genetics laboratory!