7 World-Famous Movie Props That Were Just Thrown Away

One of the overlooked benefits of CGI is that filmmakers have significantly less crap cluttering their sets. Whenever you have to period-drama up a bunch of extras or make an actor exert Excalibur or the Holy Grail, all those dress and props have to go somewhere . And since studios aren’t often in the habit of letting people waltz off with their stuff, that “somewhere” is usually the trash can.

And that’s why so many iconic pieces of pop culture memorabilia wound up gratifying hilariously undignified fates. Like how …


Alec Guinness’ Obi-Wan Robe Got Rented Out As A Monk Costume

For all the credit we give the Jedi for their wisdom and mental lucidity, they sure as heck didn’t dress themselves all too practically. Why did Anakin wear what sometimes looked like a straight coat to pilot spacecraft? Why did Yoda not utilize a bit more mosquito netting on Dagobah? The lone exception to this is probably Sir Alec Guinness’ Obi-Wan Kenobi, who more or less figured out what appropriate desert garb was.

Lucasfilm The relaxed pose of a human clearly not wearing underwear.

You’d think that type of costume would be saved for posterity by someone, perhaps George Lucas himself. Nope! They devoted it away, and not even to some half-crazed Star Wars fan who would preserve it in a bulletproof walk-in humidor. After filming had wrapped up, Obi-Wan’s robe was sent to a costume shop in London and stored with a bunch of other monk costumes. People could rent it out for movies or costume parties or, we guess, joining a convent and praying. Someone likely try our best to rent it to go as Obi-Wan one Halloween, but everyone thought it was a hobo garb( well, they weren’t completely wrong ). Even worse, it was once rented out as an extra’s garb in The Mummy . The store had no clue what sacrilege they were committing.

It really does raise the question of how many people were renting monk attires. Is there some sort of cult scene in London that nobody’s paying attention to? Regardless, the Kenobi Robe-y eventually got its due after a routine dress-up day inventory check in the costume shop uncovered the history of the garment, which proceeded to sell for $80,000.

Bonhams Also, it turned out Hayden Christensen had been hiding in there since 2005.


The Trunk From John Wick Aimed Up On Craigslist

Craigslist is sort of the Keanu Reeves of the internet, in that it appears quiet and unassuming, but can wreak unfettered havoc when it am willing to. So allow us to tell you the story of the intertwine of Keanu’s lauded John Wick and Craigslist.

After noticing a tweet about a Craigslist link, writer Scott Meslow discovered that someone was desperately trying to get rid of a particular prop from the define of John Wick : the giant trunk in which John hides enough handguns to take over a small Central American nation.

Summit Entertainment And that’s how we got the nation of Wickaguay.

Figuring it’d be no big deal and also cool to own a piece from the movie( or simply something Keanu has touched ), Meslow replied to the ad saying he’d be happy to take it. The original poster, a woman named Kathryn, had bought the trunk directly from the situate of the movie, where no one wanted to keep it. Now she’d seen herself in the same boat for some reason.

Scott Meslow There’s a painting of an aged Keanu in there, isn’t there?

Wait, we get it. It’s because it’s too high to put your feet up on. Your ottoman should not be bigger than your sectional. That’s like Interior Decorating 101. Anyway, Kathryn advised Meslow that he’d likely have to bringing a couple of strong friends along, as holy cats, that chest weighed a lot , and one of Meslow’s first supposes was, “John Wick could probably hide a couple of bodies in here.”

After being talked out of dragging the damn thing across Brooklyn back to his apartment, Meslow and his friends hoisted it up into the back of an UberX, because this is still New York City, and it scoffs at the idea of anyone owning a pickup. They then had to wave off someone who wanted to buy it outside their front door before separating it into two pieces and carrying it up their stairs.

Scott Meslow Perfect for sledding down the stairs when you’re in a hurry.


Captain Kirk’s Original Chair From Star Trek Got Pulled Out Of A Dumpster And Stuck In Some Guy’s Home Bar

Star Trek is the type of demonstrated that deserves to be memorialized for all time, and if Trekkies have anything to say about it, we’d get full-sized museums dedicated to each and every one of its props at some phase. Sadly, there are a few set pieces that are probably never going to be on display anywhere.

Back in the ‘6 0s, a whole bunch of Star Trek situateds and props were donated to UCLA, the reasoning being that there might be some way for the movie school there to take care of them( or at the very least, shoot some interesting student shorts ). UCLA said “thanks” and then hurled it all out, probably to make room for a receptacle full of Gilligan’s caps. For decades, all those historic materials were thought to be lost. That is, until Trek actor George Takei met a woman on a cruise who said she had Captain Kirk’s famous command chair sitting in her house.

CBS Television Distribution “I can’t even go near it or I instantaneously get pregnant.”

Her husband, bless his heart, had rescued the chair from a near-certain aim 30 years earlier. That said, it’s not like the chair got a dignified retirement. The human put it in his home bar, where it dutifully did its undertaking of “being a chair” for three decades. The most fun thing to happen to the chair was that the guy reprogrammed it to open and close his curtains.

Finally, after Takei confirmed that it was the real deal, the chair went to auction and sold for a little over $300,000 — more than the Star Trek folks ever spent on a situate, ever. Today it sits in Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture, for some reason surrounded by a bunch of Tribble corpses.

Peter Collins That’s a very fancy bathroom, even for a museum.


Sean Astin’s Mom Probably Threw Away His Goonies Map

The Goonies is arguably the best movie about a quest for hidden treasure not starring Nicolas Cage. Instead, a much more Hobbit-sized Sean Astin plays a kid named Mikey who sees a rich map and persuades his friends to risk their own lives for a bunch of shitty trinkets.