The 7 least essential questions we have about ‘Game of Thrones’

Definitely the most essential question ever asked about ‘Game of Thrones.’
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Now that Game of Thrones is over, fans will pore over episodes like fantasy detectives, looking for clues that might answer the show’s biggest questions.

Also, some people might re-watch each episode out of boredom, step into the shower and wonder 😛 TAGEND Is Ser Pounce still alive ?

Was he in the Great Sept of Baelor when it exploded into a fiery green mess? Or was he safely in the Red Keep, but then, after Tommen died, he just meowed in vain until his death? Did Cersei have Ser Pounce killed because he was vying with her for Tommen’s affections? Or is he happy catching mice in Flea Bottom? The answer: Ser Pounce is the mastermind behind the wildfire plot and will one day sit on the Iron Throne and regulation Westeros with an army of cats.

So are those dragons going to get a break or what ?

I’m not saying person should call PETA or anything, but flying across the sea to Westeros seems like a long trip-up for such large animals. Hopefully there is some kind of medieval aircraft carrier in Daenerys’ fleet where they can take a breather.

Speaking ofDaenerys, did she ever get her ring back ?

I mean, obviously it’s an eye-catching piece, since Jorah andDaario saw it in the middle of a giant, grassy field in episode 1. Would be a shame if they never gave it back to her.

Has Hot Pie mastered any other sigil-shaped pastries ?

We haven’t find Hot Pie in awhile. What’s going on with Hot Pie? Hopefully he’s learned how to cook a few other things. Perhaps a tasty kraken galette or aHouse Karstark bialy.

Did that traveling theater troupe ever get a new lead actress ?

Arya risked her life to saveLady Crane from demise, but then the Waif T-1 000 killed her anyway. To make things worse, the theater company got rid of the understudy. So basically Arya ruined the play for everyone in Braavos and Lady Crane still died.

Will the Citadel ever rectify its record-keeping snafu ?

Hopefully the Season 7 premiere consists entirely of the smug receptionist at the Citadel in Oldtown excavating through file folders and waiting for ravens to arrive as a boredSamwell Tarly flips through a publication, until, eventually, it’s confirmed that Jon Snow became Lord Commander andMaester Aemon is dead. In the next episode, the receptionist hears that a human namedDolorous Edd has taken over the Night’s Watch, setting off another thrilling set ofadministrativetasks.

Will Jon Snow ever stop seeming so sad ?

No. Even though he’s reunited with his sister, has been named King in the North, and reside in his childhood home, he still only has one expres: dwell. You be you, Jon Snow.

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