May 15


The Internet can’t stop Photoshopping this smug little goat


Cat Behavior

The Internet love cute things, especially cute animals: dogs, cats, pigs, sloths, and just about every other beast that might elicit a squeal of admiration. But theres one animal including with regard to thats been constructing the round not only for its cuteness, but for basically knowing that its cute.

As you can see, this smug little goat is undeniably adorable, but its upturned nose builds it seem as if the goat is saying, Yes, Im recognizing also that Im adorable and one of the greatest goats of all time. You should be honored that Im letting you take a picture of me in all of my splendor.But thanks to the redditors ofr/ photoshopbattles, we are today have some other smug goat scenes that are arguably better than the original. Like these πŸ˜› TAGEND

May The Goat Be With You

Death Row Goat

Grumpy Goat

Picky Eater Goat

The Chosen Goat

Skeptical Goat

Rich Goat

Chav Goat

John Wick Goat

Chicken Goat

Oscar-Winning Goat



Gremlin Goat

Arsonist Goat

Diff’rent Goats

Lets hope that this smug goat learned its lesson: Never think youre baa-der than anyone else, because the Internet will humble you.

H/ T Mashable | Photo via Reddit

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