The Story Of InstagramaEUR( tm) s Most Famous Cat Nala, Who Has 3.2 M Adherents

It is highly possible that you have seen this cat before somewhere on the web. It wouldn’t be surprising because Nala is the most famous cat on the Instagram, having 2.3 m followers!

This adorable cat with cute round eyes was given to a shelter by her previous owneds when she was just a tiny kitten. Fortunately, she was later will be approved by Varisiri Mathachittiphan and now can enjoy her purrfect cat life!

“Even though I never really intended to adopt a kitten that day, when I insured her, I simply knew it was meant to be. The reason I started her Instagram was to share her with family and working friends back home, ” said Mathachittiphan.

“I’ve never imagined she would have this many adherents, but now that we have your attention, there is an unfortunate truth that occurs in shelters. The truth is that kittens and puppies alike are helpless and rely on their human companions to care for them. In shelters, 75% of them are killed due to overpopulation, so it is really important to spay or neuter your pets, ” insisted the owner.

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