There are a lot of #CatsAgainstBrexit

On Thursday, June 23, the E.U. referendum election will determine whether Britain will remain a part of the European Union. Both sides have lobbed debates about the economy, immigration, national identity, and more, but you know what hasnt been considered yet in the debate? Cats.

So Lilian Edwards started the hashtag #CatsAgainstBrexit to show the world where the nations felines stand. And, sure, why not?

The Daily Dot has reached out to Edwards about the inspiration behind the hashtag, but she has not responded as of this posting. But as such a hashtag proposed to, cats appear to be firmly anti-Brexit, presumably because they believe remaining a part of the European Union will help keep Britains economy strong.

Cats are also generally not as nationalistic and dont believe immigrants are ruining Britains culture.

However, there are cats that appear to be firmly pro-Brexit, worrying that remaining in the E.U. will entail more immigrants will continue to flood Britains workforce and drive down wages.

Its unclear what the nations dogs think of Brexit. Better ask the queen.

H/ T Telegraph

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