They Came To Run And Found Plastic Bins With Something Heartbreaking Inside

Just before dawn on February 9, staff at the Cat House on the Kings in Fresno, California, made a shocking discovery. In their driveway were 14 plastic bins. Each one had a cat and a blanket inside and was zip-tied shut.

Air pits had been poked in each bin and the cats did not appear to have been abused in any way. Someone must have cared for the cats, but broke the law when they decided to abandon them. Although the no-kill shelter was already housing over 800 felines, they rapidly began to transport the cats to safety.

The cats were to stay in the driveway around 5 a.m. While the Cat House is committed to helping and protecting felines, they’d never seen a drop-off of this magnitude before.

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Thirteen of the bins contained one cat, while the last one held a mama cat and her two kittens. The oldest of the bunch appeared to be about three years old. None of the 16 had been microchipped or spayed/ neutered.

Some were a bit shaken by the event, but all were healthy. I bet this mommy is glad to have a safe, warm place for her babies!

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The shelter hopes to have the cats up for adoption soon, but wants to let them settle in and recover from their ordeal first. In the meantime, they are facing a ton of unexpected expenses to feed, house, vaccinate, and neuter the 16 cats. If you’d like to make a donation to their cause, click here

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