This Company Makes Spaceship-Inspired Cat Beds And It Costs $97

Cats can find a place to sleep no matter what, trees, boxes, in your lap, it doesn’t matter. But it’s probably safe to say that most of them would prefer a nice cozy bed. Well design company MyZoo Studio has launched an innovative line of cat beds that are nothing like you’ve ever seen in this galaxy- The Spaceship Series.

Inspired by classic spacecrafts, MyZoo has three models of bed, that not only build your cat look like a tiny cosmonaut but are carefully designed for comfort and convenience. The Alpha model is designed for the floor, while the Beta and the Gamma will allow your pet to rest’ up in space.’ Each bed is made from timber with a bubble-window that allows both pet and owned to consider one another. Prices for the Myzoo Spaceship Series starts at $ 97. Scroll down below to get a closer look at these inspired designs!

The pet store design company MyZoo Studio has released an intergalactic line of cat beds called’ The Spaceship Series’

There are three models customers can choose from

The Beta- which can be placed on any flat surface

The Gamma- which mounts on the wall( the true cosmonaut experience !)

And the Alpha- an earthbound model but very cozy all the same

Each bed includes a bubble so your furry explorer can observe their surroundings

For the extreme cat devotees, don’t worry these designs can hold more than one kitty

And like the rest of MyZoo’s designs the beds themselves are crafted from wood

Check out the studio’s video to see these spaceships in action!

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