This Dog Is So Badass, She Can Climb Straight Up Walls — Incredible!

When you think of agile, graceful animals, cats probably come to mind, however, this parkour pooch is devoting even the most nimble feline a run for its money.

Storm is an 18 -month-old Staffordshire bull terrier. She’s just like every other pup — loves snuggles and going outside to chase squirrels, but she’s also in the process of training to break a world record for wall go. The superhero pooch is able to scale the sides of houses like it’s no big deal.( Meanwhile, I fall while walking up stairs .)

New video presents Storm with her proprietor Alex Manning, training for her record-breaking attempt.

Manning and Storm began pursuing the world record after the pup began showing signs of amazing agility. The pair became aware that dog wall operating is a recognized athletic in the U.S. To put things into view, in order for Storm to successfully beat the world record, she must vertically run over 14 feet into the air.

Check out Storm in action:

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With a bit more practice, I have no doubt that Storm will violate the world record.

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