This Is Why Chocolate Is So Bad For Dogs

You know to never give your puppy a savor of your Hershey’s bar, but do you know why you need to keep your puppy away from cocoa?

As explained in the informative Reactions video above, chocolate is toxic to doggies because the cocoa plant, from which chocolate is induced, contains an alkeloid called theobromine. Dogs can’t metabolize theobromine very well, and its effects, like restlessness and excitement, last much longer in a dog’s system than in a human’s.

Anywhere from six to 12 hours after devouring chocolate, puppies may have diarrhea, increased heart rate and other painful symptoms from ingesting the toxic ingredient, Reactions says. The smaller the pooch, the highest health risks for for poisoning by chocolate, so take special care to keep your Kisses away from your curious Chihuahua.

Learn more by playing close attention to the clip above. Then, consider whipping up something tasty and good for your beloved pet that she’s sure to love.

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Dangerous Food For Dogs And Cats

Dangerous Food For Dogs And Cats

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