10 ancient brutes your pet might be related to.

Today is Charles Darwin’s 207 th birthday! Darwin, who famously wrote “On the Origin of Species, ” the book that introduced much of the world to evolution and the hypothesi of natural selection, didn’t simply be talking about animals. He also kept quite a few of them as pets, including several puppies, a tortoise( kind of ), and pigeons.

Just like Darwin, Mother Nature shares her home with some interesting animal companions. And if you squint, you can see the resemblance they have to more familiar animal faces.

So in festivity of Darwin’s birthday and his pets, here are 10 cool animals that don’t seem precisely like your domesticated Fluffys, Pollys, and Rexes but only might be related to them.

1. Your fluffy house cat may be related to the smilodon.

Image from Sergio De la Rosa Martnez/ Wikimedia Commons.

Smilodon! One of the fabled saber-tooth cats. They lived up until about 10, 000 years ago in North and South America.

2. And your puppy has some family to match dire wolves.

Image from Sergio De la Rosa Martnez/ Wikimedia Commons.

Yeah, George R. R. Martin didn’t just make up House Stark’s emblematic animal out of whole cloth. Like the smilodon above, these guys roamed up until about 10,000 years ago. While superficially similar to modern wolves, your median dire wolf would have weighed about 25% more.

3. But it’s Lamb Chop’s cousin you have to really watch out for.


What do you get if you traverse a sheep with a wolf? This guy! He’s an andrewsarchus, and though he might look more like some kind of prehistoric hyaena, evidence indicates he belongs in the same order as goats, sheep, and deer.

4. Babe’s cousins are no slouch either.


And people believe warthogs are ugly! These remote relatives of animals, known as entelodonts, lived about 33 million years ago.

5. Guess your brightly colored, talkative parrot is a handful? Try sharing your home with Haast’s eagle.

This featured creature also has the distinction of being the only thing on the listing to have lived in modern times up until the year 1400. The species lived in New Zealand, where it preyed on the giant, flightless birds known as moa. They may even be the giant man-eating birds of Maori legend!

6. The creature in this illustration is related to today’s horses. Genuinely, I swear. I’m not making it up.

Image from Jay Matternes/ Wikimedia Commons.

Though they might looking more like a gorilla( or Joe Camel) than Black Beauty, these are in fact remote relatives of modern horses known as chalicotheres. They died out about 3.5 million years ago.

7. This massive titanoboa merely wants to give you a hug.


Megalodon is not just the superstar of bad science fiction movies! The megalodon truly did munch its style through the ocean from about 16 million to about 3 million years ago. If your goldfish could LARP, it’d probably go as one of these toothy giants.

9. Even turtles have some impressive relatives in their family trees.


Finally, I’m so sorry, but I have to include at least one huge bug on this list. Appear away now if you dislike creepy crawly critters.

10. This is a pulmonoscorpius.

Some people like to keep scorpions as pets, but even they would probably think twice before adopting pulmonoscorpius.

The thing was more than two feet long! Luckily, of all the animals on this list, we’re the furthest away from the time that spawned this massive glitch the species succumbed out over 300 million years ago. Thank goodness.

It might be hard to imagine trying to keep any of these beings as a pet. But, Fluffy and Rex aren’t the only animals with weird cousins.

After all, it’s not too long ago that we looked like this ourselves 😛 TAGEND

A reconstruction of homo habilis. Image from lilyundfreya/ Wikimedia Commons.

Everything on Earth is, ultimately, related to each other. That’s one of the greatest ideas that Charles Darwin handed down to us. Humans, animals, even our pets. We’re all one big, weird sometimes incredibly weird family.

And if homo habilis up there is what we looked like 2 million years ago, what are we going to look like 2 million years in the future? Perhaps we’ll out-weird them all .

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