10+ Pics That Prove Corvids Are The Biggest Baddasses In The Animal Kingdom

Crows are the most badass birds in the animal kingdom who give zero ducks. Want proof? Just take a look at any of the pictures below. Crows( and corvids, the family that includes crows, ravens, rooks and magpies ), like to pull the tails of birds and animals who are twice as big as them ’cause they are not afraid. Some argue that this behavior was developed to snatch food away – but the other theory is that crows simply like to behave like major assholes.

Also, if you think there’s nothing cooler than a bald eagle flying up high in the sky in all its terriffying glory – think again. Crows use majestic eagles as their chauffer boys and personal taxi drivers to take them where they need to go.

One crow even stole the dentures from a human who saved his life – first stealing the poor guy’s heart, and then, his smile. Do you need more evidence of the unbelievable badassery of these birds?

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