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10 periods Grumpy Cat was gloriously grumpy


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Grumpy Cat being grump .
Image: mashable

Grumpy Cat — one of the most beloved viral pets online — has died at age 7, and the internet will never be the same.

Grumpy’s humans posted the news on social media Friday morning, and fans of the the unimpressed-looking feline, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, have been paying tribute ever since.

As internet lovers remember the pleasure this cat’s grumpy little face brought to their lives, Mashable decided to dive into the archives and reminisce on all the memories we shared with Grumpy Cat over the years. There are A LOT.

Here are 10 days Grumpy Cat was gloriously and unapologetically grumpy.

1. The time she did the “Harlem Shake”( virtually )

2. The time she wore a stylish wig

Slay, girl.

Image: Live Box Photography/ mashable

3. The time she fulfilled Oscar the Grouch

A grouch and a grump.

Image: mashable

4. The time she ran the town

Image: Live Box Photography/ mashable

5. The time she auditioned to replace David Letterman

6. The time she tried to be a hipster

“Get me my book” – Grumpy Cat, probably

Image: Live Box Photography/ mashable

7. The time she dedicated off some serious Star Wars vibes

Image: Live Box Photography/ mashable

8. The time she celebrated detested Valentine’s Day

9. The time when … mustache


Image: Live Box Photography/ mashable

10. The time when she tolerated the holiday season. Barely.

Wrapping? No thanks.

Image: mashable

This is fine.

Image: mashable

We’ll miss you dearly, Grumpy Cat. Thanks for stimulating the internet a better place.

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