July 11


13 Times Cats Hilariously Surprised Their Owners With How Weird They Are


Cat Behavior

Pet owners often, to the annoyance of mothers, compare their animals to children and while there is nothing quite as taxing as taking care of another human, pets require attention- and a lot of it. For proof of just how much attention cats necessitate, someone posted a cat thread of narratives and it shows that felines are true divas.

Yes, when not devoted enough attention these cuddly creatures are not afraid to induce demands to their owners in the form of cries, or sometimes they will take matters into their own hands and’ force’ you to pet them. Whatever it is at the end of the day their owners know that they just want to love on them, scroll down below for some hilarious kitty fun! ( Facebook encompas image: Michael Edson | Cover image: Jenny Ondioline)

Image credits: avyakata

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