13 Utilizes For Vicks VapoRub That You Didn’t Know About

As a child, you probably recollect your mama or papa smearing a healthy amount of Vicks VapoRub on your chest to soothe a cough or soothe a stuffy snout. However, when it comes to finishing a tub of the medicated ointment before it expires — and it does expire, folks — that’s easier said than done.

But before you toss yours in the litter because you’re no longer a kid, give this a read. There are so many other uses for the rub than temporarily relieving cold symptoms.

1. Put some Vicks on your acne trouble spots and sleep on it. After a few nights of doing this, your acne will disappear!

2. Rub some on your temples and massage gently. This will relax you and relieve headache pains.

3. Repel mosquitoes by dabbing some VapoRub on your skin and clothes. If you do get bitten, though, dab some on the stinging to alleviate the itch.

4. Need to cry on cue? Rub a little Vicks under your eyes — NOT in your eyes — and the menthol should do the trick.

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5. Avoid your cats( and puppies) from scratching or chewing on things they’re not supposed to by putting a small amount of Vicks on the problem spots.

6. When you mix a pinch of salt and VapoRub and apply it to a fresh bruise, it’s said to break up the discoloration.

7. Feel the healing effects right away when you rub cracked heels and elbows with the ointment.

8. Instead of paying for a sports massage, gently scratches a sore muscle with Vicks. Encompass the region with a towel and elevate the spot. The soreness should lessen.

9. Just as you can deter mosquitoes from your skin with it, placing a bathtub of VapoRub out in a buggy area will keep the flies at bay.

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10. If you have toenail or fingernail fungus, put some of the salve on the region twice a day. Things should clear up quickly.

11. If you have an earache, merely set some VapoRub on a cotton ball and stick it in your ear slightly. The menthol should instantly alleviate some of the pain.

12. It’s been reported that if you rub VapoRub on stretch marks, over hour, their appearance will diminish and even disappear.

13. Though it is possible to painful at first, putting some of the salve on a cut will help it mend faster and avoid infection.

Amazingly , none of those had anything to do with a coughing or cold! I’m slathering my Vicks all over my lounge so my dog will stop chewing on the cushions once and for all! What will you try first?

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