18 Unbelievable Animals You Probably Didn’t Know Exist.# 9 Is TERRIFYING!

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# 1. Coconut Crab

Scary seeming animal, but sadly its near extinction.

They are considered the largest instance of arthropods in the world. They can weigh up to 9 kilos. They are also considered a delicacy to some! In some areas these guys are indeed protected.

# 2. Hooded Seal

They are heavily hunted and found only in the North Atlantic, in small areas. The hooded seal has the feature of the large nasal cavity right on top of his head. While swimming it will inflate and deflate, and also when it is threatened it will inflate. It will also inflate when attracting mates, and it symbols health and high status during inflation. They can weigh a whopping 900 pounds. They also reach lengths of 8 feet!

# 3. Tree Kangaroo

New Guinea and Queensland are where you will find these rain forest dwelling marsupials. They indeed are members of the kangaroo household. They live in trees, but due to deforestation, and hunting, their numbers have fallen dramatically.

# 4. Bearded Vulture

Everest, the Himalayas and other mountain regions of Europe and Asia are where these lovely birds can be found. Regrettably these beauties were nearly all but eradicated in the last century due to fear over children and lambs being attacked by them. WWF guesses that there may only be 10,000 of these left on the entire planet!

# 5. Axolotl

The Mexican salamander is another name for these odd amphibians. They inhabit many lagoons in Central America, including Lake Xochimilco in Mexico City. Theyve been running jeopardized since 2010. Shockingly, in 2013 a study was done and scientists actually could not find any of these salamanders in the wild!

# 6. Saige Antelope

One of the worlds most ancient mammals! They actually shared space with wooly mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers going back 250,000 decades ago! They too were believed to be extinct, but are now referred to as living fossils! But theres only a few thousand to stay in Mongolia and Dzungaria.

# 7. Olm

Not many can be considered a complete aquatic amphibian, but the Olm is indeed one of them as they mainly live in the caves of Central South-eastern Europe. They are true underground creatures, spending all their lives in total darkness! They never even bothered developing eyes, but their hearing and smell are supposed to be incredible. So whats bringing this species down? Water pollution…

# 8. Langur Chato

Elves is what David Attenborough once called these cool appearing monkeys. Detected in Asia, they reside around 13,000 feet up, which explains why they are not often ensure. Deforestation has been causing their demise.

# 9. Gharials

Hard expressed the belief that less than 235 of these guys exist in the world, mostly in the Indian subcontinent. Twenty feet long, these bad sons weigh in at 350 pounds and they held the belt for major river system dominance at a time. Their specialty move was their long and slender jaw which came down effectively on prey stimulating them superb hunters. But, with nothing to hunt due to overfishing, they are now very close to becoming extinct.

#10. Proboscis Monkey

What stands out most for this animal is the schlong-like nose, making this a very peculiar looking monkey!

Found on the island of Borneo, besides the nose, they are also known for their big belly. Apparently the Dutch had big ol bellies when they came to settle, so the Indonesians started calling this monkey, the Dutch Monkey. Deforestation has caused these monkeys to decrease greatly in numbers.

#11. Irrawaddy Dolphins

Found in the coastal areas of South and Southeast Asia, these animals are known for their features which include the short nose and the domed forehead. Overfishing has caused the numbers to be a shockingly 77 left in existence.

#12. Kakapo

Heres a parrot that doesnt fly, as he is too fat to do so. They became prey to cats who were brought in by European colonization. They were originally from New Zealand. There is said to be only 128 left in predator-free islands.

#13. Dupongo

One of four living species of Sea Cows, they are only found in the Pacific Ocean, close to the east coast of Africa. Their meat and petroleum are of heavy attraction for hunters, causing them to become near extinct.

#14. Loris Elusive

Loris Elusive of Horton Plains have in fact merely been spotted four times since 1937! They faded totally from 1939 -2 002. There are a few that remain in Sri Lanka. Big eyes provide these guys with great night vision capability. But they are victims of human superstition as locals developed a notion that the flesh of this animal can cure Leprosy. They also believe that the body parts can be used to defend against curses and spells.

15. Gooty Spider

A small Indian forest homes this beauty. Its population has strongly fell due to human collectors which have been spending $500 a pop for one these spiders.

16. Markhor

While fantasy movie credible, this animal has become popular as a trophy for hunters causing the national animal of Pakistan to number in the 2500 range.

#17. Quokkas

These friendly marsupials are found in a small corner of soutwestern Australia. Unfortunately, being friendly puts them at risk. They had hoped to buddy up with foxes and dingoes but they end up becoming prey.

#18. Okapi

They werent even believed to be real, but when British explorers observed them during the 1800 s, everyone was shocked at what was called the Giraffe Zebra. The Democratic Republic of Congo is the only place you can now find them and their numbers are at around 10,000.

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