19 dead animals found in pet carriers, garbage bags

Nineteen dead animals have been determined behind a Pennsylvania home in what one humane officer calls the worst case of animal cruelty she’s ever seen.

The bodies of one puppy and 18 cats were found Wednesday in carriers, bins or garbage bags in a wooded region of Butler County.

Butler County Humane Police Officer Janice Lawniczak said animal cruelty charges are pending against Tamara Rusz and Kevin Delehanty.

The discovery was made the same day the pair was to appear in court on a previous charge of animal brutality for abandoning six cats and leaving them to die. Delehanty appeared but Rusz did not.

Their case was waived to a higher court scheduled for Aug. 6.

A message was left at a phone number listed for both Rusz and Delehanty.

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