June 17


19 Mothers Who Negotiated With Their Kids … and Lost


Cat Behavior

In a recent Reddit post, “ Never gamble what you aren’t willing to lose ,” parents shared the deals they’ve induced with their kids in desperate yet largely failed attempts to keep some small semblance of their sanity. Call it what you want; bargaining, negotiating, bribery or just flat out lie to yourself and call it a “reward system, ” but at the end of the working day, one fact remains. A bargain is a deal and you better deliver.

I myself have been known to offer a serving or two of rainbow sherbet ice cream (* cough *) before noon, in attempts to appease certain very difficult and disgruntled customers, ages 2 and 4.

We’re not perfect. We’re desperate, tired, and there’s an 85% chance that we are in need of a shower. We do what we gotta do. Don’t judge us. OR actually, go ahead. But perhaps a scoop of sherbet would temporarily quiet your criticisms? Hmm?


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