July 16


20 People Reveal the Absolutely Stupidest Things They’ve Ever Heard Someone Say


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Almost every day, we hear person say something, at least, remotely stupid. There are those lucky souls who are naturally aloof to the idiocy of others, and some who are acutely aware, yet choose to take an “ignorance is bliss” approach to morons. But then there’s the rest of us, who pretty much want to punch people on a daily basis.

But every blue moon, person will say something so incredibly stupid that it’s impossible to overlook or ignore; something really stupid it does not annoy or anger the cynic , nor does it cause the lighthearted to chuckle.

This sort of profound idiocy can only be met with silent awe, as one simultaneously questions their hearing and experiences a sense of gratitude for their own intact mind. This is often followed by yet more silence, as the final realization defines in that there is absolutely zero point in trying to explain anything at all to a person that is capable of saying something so splendidly dumb.

To pay tribute to these rare and unique moments of pure and unadulterated folly, people took to Reddit to share their most moronic memories. Here are 20 timesthat people heard person say something so wonderfully stupid that they could only mutely stare back in utter disbelief…


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