25 Friendly Neighborhood Faces Who Just Wanted To Pop By And Say Hello

Even if you don’t have a pet of your own, chances are there’s still a little animal buddy in your life you look forward to seeing. Maybe it’s a friendly face on your style to the office every day or a new buddy you bumped into on vacation.

Whatever the reason, there’s only no stopping the smile they put on your face when you see their silly ones staring back at you. They’re happy to brighten your day for a small exchange of views among cuddles…and if you happen to share a treat with them too, well, even better!

1. “Got any snacks ?? “

2. “Wow, you’re only just now getting out of bed? “

3. “You call that a swing? “

4. “Okay, let’s hit up the nearest Burger King.”

5. “You call it trash, we call it breakfast.”

6. I’m not sure I’d ever make it to work if this face was on my way.

7. “Did you see which style that bird went? “

8. “I’m just a normal dog! I swear! Woof! “

9. Every period they light up the grill…

10. The tiniest, grumpiest little guy.

11. “Ahem, the bird feeder isn’t going to fill itself.”

12. These drama club kids have got the pathetic “feed me” face down pat.

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13. “Good neighbours share their tuna casserole. Just sayin’.”

14. This fluffy lil’ guy definitely wants to play a game with you.

15. “No, don’t run! My chin needs more scratchings !! “

16. “You have the best stories, dude.”

17. “Can’t sleep either, huh? “

18. You devoted him bacon once and now every time…

19. “I think this selfie actually captures my majesty, don’t you? “

20. “We can talk about winter after you hand over that ham sandwich.”

21. “Shh, you can’t find me. I’m a master of disguise.”

22. “Ugh, I get sand in my shell. Little assistance? “

23. “Aw yeah, you gotta soak in these rays with me, man.”

24. “You’re so embarrassing.” “Whatever, I’m hungry! “

25. It’s not a backyard party without this subtle guest.

It’s like the animal equivalent of having nieces or nephews. All the adorable, cute faces without having to worry about picking up their poo later on!

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