25 Pro Tips That Will Induce Your Life( And The Lives Of Those Around You) Much Better

As you probably know by now, there’s always room for improvement.

At home, at school, and at work, most of us find little ways to do better every day. But as winter fades-out into a rainy spring, it’s sometimes hard to find inspiration.

And that’s where this list be coming back. We ran ahead and compiled some tips and tricks that you can try to make your life — and the lives of everyone around you — way better in the long run!

1. When leaving a message, say your telephone number at the beginning and the end.

2. Always check the license plate number on your parking tickets. Sometimes, people take tickets off of their vehicles and stick them elsewhere.

3. If your significant other is always giving you ultimatums, get out of there.

4. When working out, listen to live concerts if you can. After all, performers feed off of all that energy. Why shouldn’t you?

5. Make a huge batch of waffles at once, and then freeze the rest. You never know when you’ll require some convenience food.

6. Every time you open drawers with knobs, twist them a little bit to ensure that they bide tight.

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7. If you don’t have a lint roller, stifle your palms and swipe them on your apparel in a similar motion to take care of pet hair in a pinch.

8. If you are experiencing foot ache, roll your foot across a tennis ball a few times to soothe achy muscles.

9. Make copies of all your keys.

10. Don’t go into conversations with winning in intellect.

11. If you don’t care much about spoilers, read the final chapter or paragraph in a volume before committing a ton of time to reading it.

12. Listen to podcasts and audiobooks at 1.5 hours the regular speed. Sure, it’ll build people sound like chipmunks, but you’ll be able to cram so much more great content into your lunch breaking!

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13. If you’re a person who has detests working out, try out active hobbies until you find one that sticks. It won’t feel like exercise if you’re having a great time!

14. Offer to help scheme your friends’ weddings. It will give you the inside scoop you’ll need when it comes time to plan your own.

15. Pretty much everyone sucks at bowling, so if you’re trying to combine friend groups, participate in this great equalizer.

16. Hydration is key, so even if you dislike drinking water, stick with it. Sure, it’s not as delicious as coffee, but you’ll develop a taste for it after a while.

17. Stuff old newspapers in your shoes. The newspaper will absorb odors and assistance shoes retain their shape.

18. Grab a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment and clean out your dryer once in a while. You’ll be shocked when you see how much lint is hanging around in there.

19. When you get into a car accident, document the crap out of everything. Put that iPhone camera to good use so no one can pull a fast one on you down the line.

20. The same runs for getting hurt on the job. Document everything from official reports to doctor’s notes so that you recieve compensation.

21. Don’t hesitate to tell waiters that something is wrong with your food, because helping customers deal with meal issues is in their job description.( Just don’t be rude about it !)


23. If you order something that isn’t on the menu at a eatery, always be appreciative, even if it doesn’t end up being what you expected.

24. Feed your senior puppies and cats softer foods as they get older. Dental issues can cause our elderly friends a world of hurt in old age.

25. When your friend’s loved one succumbs, mark the date in your calendar and give them a call on that day a year later. Everyone likes to know that people are thinking of them when life get hard.

( via Reddit)

Go out and give these tips a whirl! They might seem insignificant when they’re out of context, but tweaking your daily life in little ways now can spare you a headache or two later.

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