30 Mind-Blowing Things You NEVER Knew About Aladdin

How deep does your Disney obsession run? My heartessentially pumps fairy dust. By age five, I’d watched Beauty and the Beast over 100 periods and collected every single Disney princess Barbie stocked on my local Disney store’s shelves. My absolute fascinationby far, though, was Aladdin. What can I say? The street rat stole my heart.

Aside from producingmagical, timeless tales, Disney productions also have a rumoredhistory of deep-rooted, behind-the-scenes turmoil. Aladdin ‘s production process was apparently no exception. From cunning feudsto sexy secrets, Aladdin ‘s creativeprocess seemed like a network drama in and of itself.

Keep scrolling to learn all the deep, dark secrets behind Disney’s Aladdin .

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