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30 Times Jerk Cats Were Publicly Shamed For Their Hilariously Horrible Crimes


Cat Behavior

No matter how adorable and innocent cats may seem, their appears are deceiving. These tiny balls of fur are out of control and they are not planning to learn how to behave any time soon. The least their owners can do is is share their feline friends’ mischievous with other cat proprietors. The Instagram account @cat_shaming them such opportunity.

Over the years the account has gathered an amusing gallery of thousands of fluffy ‘criminals’ and stimulated their misdeeds public. We here at the Bored Panda prepared a second list of my very best delinquents because cats will never change their styles!

# 1

# 2

“Hobbes here. I like to freak out visiting humans by draping myself over the electric hearth. Don’t worry, it’s not hot, plus, it gets me all kinds of attention( which I promptly dismiss and pretend to hate ). “

# 3

“Hello my name is Connie( not my actual name as I’m a stray and the family I harass gave me that name) I was fed once and now I expect to be fed everyday and if I’m not fed I’ll meow until they come out and feed me and if they dismiss me then I meow and stare at them from the kitchen window( without blinking) till they do.”

# 4

“Dodger here … I actually enjoy laying on the desktop keyboard, I enjoy it even more when I hit the right keys and publish off 62 pages from an insurance website. I’m a very important kitty.”

# 5

“My name is Salt and I expense my mom $330 for a vet appointment only for them to diagnose me with being emphasized since my mommies boyfriend( who I like better) was gone for a few weeks. Here I am in his lap. Love you, daddy !!! “

# 6

# 7

“My name is Milo and I make my human carry me to bed every night. If she refuses I will argue with her and sit down and wait until she picks me up and takes me to bed with her. Why should I stroll? I am king.”

# 8

“My name is raven or rather raven Houdini. I can master any cone they put one over my head! So mom has just resorted to set old newborn garbs on me! Have yet to figure out how to lick my stitches with this device on…”

# 9

“This is Kyo, who has recurred this process four times already this morning! “


“This is Phoenix who likes shoe intend and then relaxing. For order contact slippereater @phoenix. com”


“Hi it’s me Maki, this is my bowl idk why my mom holds putting fruit in it.”


“Bit my human two seconds after taking this painting, Happy Valentine’s Day! “



“Look at the toy my mommy bought me! “


“My name is Colonel Mustard and I refused to be nice to my aunt, even though she came over to feed me my favorite food twice a day for eleven days while my parents were out of town. I protested her presence the entire day “


“My name is Leia and since my hooman got himself a roomba I demand it be turned on when I’m bored. And everyone knows roombas work best at night.”


“Hello! I am Munini and I live in the countryside of southern France. I have already killed an olive tree while sharpening my claws but today I preferred something more chic, more urban … Chanel.”

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“This is Boo. He expended the day alone and this happened.”


“I chased a stray kitteh from my garden and almost had my ear bitten off. Now I’m on antibiotics and contemplating my life’s selections. 10/10 will do it again”


“This is Astro. He needs to be dishonor for eating my eye test certificate which was needed for my drivers license application. Thank goodness my optometrist is a cat lover too! “


“Second pic explains why the cone had to be put on in the first place. He swallowed a piece of string which was coming out of the…other hole. Fun experience for all.”


“Hello my name is Yuki I am a carb junkie. I chew through unattended bread purses and act dumb when Mum asks me what happened.”

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“Yes, we had a repairman in the house…Yes, she kept biting his hand…Yes, she was very proud of herself…”


“I’m Duncan. My litter box isn’t sufficient.”


“Hi, my name is Winnie. I may merely have one eye, but I was still able to calculate the exact distance I needed to push in order to introduce this entire pizza to the floor.”


“I am Krisu. I had surgery 3 days ago to remove a tumor. I get out of my cone, bodysuit, dressing, and humom’s last resort is to stare at me for 7 days to make sure the sews stay on. Humom will go crazy soon.”


“One of us peed on the bed right next to humommy last night, but we won’t tell her who. – Milo& Remi”


“It wasn’t me”


“This is Isla and she has a habit of get stuck in the blinds”


“My girlfriend and I induced biscuits..”

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