50+ Creepy Real Life Incidents That Are Straight Out Of’ The X-Files’

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50+ Creepy Real Life Incidents That Are Straight Out Of’ The X-Files’


” Let me preface this with my morning routine: Wake up at 4:30 am. Out the Door by 5:15 am. Clock in at work 5:5 x am. Never fails unless major traffic incident on the road. Anyhow, one morning this past August, I am out the door as usual, minimal traffic on the road. Boss calls half way through my commute,” Hey, you coming in ?” and I say ” Yeah, why do you ask ?”. Boss” well its 6:30 am and you usually call if you’re going to be late “. I look at my dashboard and yup. It’s 6:30 am. Somewhere between leaving my door and getting on the road I lost about one hour .”


” So it was early evening after the sunshine had gone down, and I was downstairs in the living room watching tv. My friend was up in our bedroom read. At some point this really uncomfortable impression came over me, and I thought that my brother needed my help. I go upstairs, and our bedroom at the time was at the end of the hallway. As I strolled down the hallway, and I’m standing right outside our doorway and right as I go to knock I hear a voice say ” I have to leave now “.

He opened the door said ” I think someone was outside the window talking to me, but I the only thing I heard was that they had to leave .” We were both creeped out, and told our mommy what happened, but nothing ever came of it.

For a long long time I thought I had dream this, but a few years ago my brother asked me” Hey, remember that time when we were kids and someone was talking to me through the bedroom window? Remember how he left right when you came in the room? What the hell was that ?”

Because he remember it exactly the style I do I’m convinced this really happened .”


” Late to the party but I’ll share anyways. One day I’m over at a friend’s house and we go in to the kitchen to do something, both him and I are moving around the kitchen All of a sudden we hear a pop and then there is a small spot of orange gooey stuff on my friends shirt. To the working day we have no idea what it was. Looked around the entire kitchen and didn’t find anything that seemed similar to the gunk. We merely chalked it up to an inter-dimensional being jizzing on my friend .”


” My wife calling my name , nothing unusual about that, except that I did not hear it with my ears, as I was listening to Led Zeppelin’s” In My Time Of Dying” on the stereo, and it was cranked up. I heard it in my mind. I walked to the bathroom as I knew my wife was taking a bath. I procured her face down in the water, she was unconscious, having suffered an epileptic seizure. Fortunately, I saw her in time .”


” Not as spooky as some other things I’ve read. But I was sit at my computer with my door kinda cracked open, enough to where I can see out. my door is right next to my desk so I can see out. I then assure like 5 humen in suits stroll up the stairs and start strolling to my room. I should be freaking out but I can’t seem to move my head, then they reach my room and kick the door open all the way, then suddenly I can move my head again. All the men are run but my doorway is wide open. Still freaky to think about sometimes”


” Nothing too crazy, but definitely creeped my wife and I out 😛 TAGEND

We have a Wii. The sensor bar is on the Tv stand directly in front of the TV … as is anyones…

We dont have the cord wrapped up or anything it only hangs behind the Tv in a jumble.

One night we were watching Tv cuddling on the lounge, when abruptly, the Wii sensor bar literally flies in the different regions of the room til it got to the end of its duration and fell to the floor.

Like someone had grabbed it and chucked it across the room.

We could find no justification for this whatsoever. We had a cat and a dog at the time but cat was sleeping in another room, and puppy was on the couch with us.

We did have several birthday cards on top of the TV on display and one of them was on the ground, so the only thing I could think was that somehow we missed the card falling and it made the cord and viola!

I tried for 10 minutes to hurl that card as hard as I could at that cord and it didnt even move the bar from its place on the Tv stand.

Eventually we just chalked it up to “WTF?!” and moved on, but it was definitely weird .”


” My cousin and I both remember a room that apparently doesn’t exist.

When we therefore both around 10, my cousin was having family problems, and my mommy invited her to stay with us while it got sorted out. It was pretty fun, kind of like having a temporary sister. We ended up talking about it just a few years ago, reminiscing about the weird things we would do together and some of the memories that stood out the most, among them the night we stayed up laughing at my golden retriever, who kept are seeking to steal my pillow off the bottom bunk when we were trying to get to sleep.

Only problem was, we didn’t have a dog, and I never had a bunk bed. For whatever reason, I’d never considered how little sense the memory stimulated. Supposing perhaps she was just going along with the narrative, I asked her what color the bedframe was. She was just thinking about it for a second and then answered’ red ‘. She was right.

According to my mama, we never stayed over at anyone else’s house — and even if we had, I still recollect what her friends’ homes looked like. None of them had red bunk beds. I still have no notion what happened .”


” I had something similar as a child at daycare. It was getting to the end of the day and only a few of us kids were left, so they had us all move towards a room in the front.

We’re walking down the hall in single file, turn a corner, and abruptly everyone’s disappeared. It’s gotten darker outside. I freak out, run around, looking for someone and eventually find them. The only remaining thing I recall is them telling me my mother said she’d be late. They never acted as if I was run. But, why did I have to go find person if I’m at daycare? Shouldn’t someone have been with me already ?”


” When I was 19 and my best friend was 20( we are nearly 40 now ), we therefore driving back to my home after visiting someone at work. We were on a somewhat busy road. It was getting darknes but wasn’t quite dark yet. There were street lights and business sunlights everywhere so visabilty was still great. This road was 3 lanes in each direction and there was a concrete median dividing the traffic. I was in the left lane next to the median, and a traffic light was coming up. I insured a man standing in the median a good way before where the cross walking for the light would be. It instantly made me nervous. As soon as I thought that, he stepped out to cross the street. My best friend and I both instantly braced for impact as I slammed on my brakes. We went through him. We didn’t hit him and because there was a auto to my right I wasn’t able to swerve out of my lane to avoid hitting the man. I looked in my rear-view and there wasn’t anyone there. I had come to a complete stop and we physically turned around in our seats to see how he had jumped out of the way. There was no one there and no way he could have ran off or conceal anywhere that fast. We both turned toward to each other and almost in sync asked each other ” did you see that man “. We both ensure the same thing. A man( couldn’t decribe his face, but it was a man’s sort and both of us remember being confused as to why be wore a white robe, and both being scared that he stepped out in front of us, like he was commiting suicide. I had a baby in the back seat. She was about 3 months old. “Shes been” screaming diring the drive and ran silent when we came to a squeaking stop which added to the weirdness of everything there is. We still bring it up occasionally and neither of us can come up with an explanation for what we saw other than something supernatural. Also, we both watched the white cloth fling across the windshield, like he was hitting it. But there was no impact , nothing. It was like he went through the car .”


” I have the same issue. I remember spending the night with my mommy at this one farmhouse near where my grandparents lived. I remember the exterior and interior, and we used to actually drive past it every single time we traveled to visit my grandparents. Problem is nobody else remembers, says we never knew the people who lived there. Years ago when I was home from college I find that house for sale online. What got me was 1) it was EXACTLY like I remembered in the inside being, and 2) the house had never changed owneds, so it had never been up for sale in my lifetime.

The only explanation is that my mom was a drug addict when I was younger. We all claim and country she never ever did medications in front of us or brought us with her to pick them up or anything, but it’s the only explain I have: that my mama knew the people there, we expended the night, but she had to maintain we never ever knew them. There’s no proof, but how the fuck could I remember that house so vividly ?”


” When I was a little kid I could see into the hallway that connected my room to the house. it was a short hallway, maybe 8 feet long.

I just happened to wake up for whatever reason, and an orb of sunlight SHOT down the hallway, literally in a flash. It was so fast, all I could tell was it was an orb of light.

At first I thought it was a reflected auto headlight or something, but we live WAAAYYY out in the country and there were no automobiles in the drive where. Plus there was no way sun could reflect back into that hallway( three walls of the house are embedded in the hill, very energy efficient ).”


” I had a undertaking as a security guard in a hundred plus year old build. A policeman had been shot to death on the stairs 60 years ago, and the stairs are about 6 feet from my watch desk in the center of the middle floor of this building.

We were open until midnight each night, and usually no one came in, but the staff sometimes worked late. So when I heard person walking down the stairs( HUGE wooden stair well that terraces and splits to go up another level) I didn’t really think anything of it.

The footsteps stop at my desk, so I close my shift report and look up. Nothing. No one , no thing , no change, nada….

I guessed I was hallucinating due to lack of sleep, so I played along with my delirium. I went back to filling out my report. On a lark I said ” I have no notion what you looking to do, but were both stuck here. If you don’t mind, I have a report to fill out, please excuse me .”

About ten seconds later, the steps started away from me going back up the stairs. I was frightened, way to scared to actually look back up.

But after that, I never had another issue in the building. Weird.

Was I freaking out, or did I crack up a 60 year dead cop ghost? Who knows, truly ….”


” In high school, my crony ricochetted a bouncy ball in his room so hard, that we never ensure it again. We tore that room up, never saw it .”


” I worked the overnight shift at an AM radio station back in the 90 s. Find a car come down the driveway to the parking lot. Went out to see who it was and the car was just gone.

I would have assured if it had turned around or backed out.

Thought I was running nuts until the announcer strolled out of the studio and said ” What happened to that auto ?”.”


” I had a moment like that as well, where I heard a voice in my mind but I thought it was with my ears. My dad and I had communicated with one another telepathically twice in the span of 30 minutes when we were on a road trip-up, totally zoned out. No music in the car, complete stillnes. He had asked himself a question in his head and I answered him. He was so freaked out that I heard him. Then shortly after I started thinking of a random Tv depict( completely unrelated to our brief dialogue prior) and then right on cue he started whistling the theme song .”


” I was 6 and my brother was ten. We had a 21 year old foster friend who lived with us off and on. One night I woke up to see him standing in the doorway of my room, checking on me. I said his name in a questioning voice. He said, “It’s okay. Go back to sleep.”

Around the same time, my brother woke up in tears. He said he’d had a dream about a knight standing on a mound, and it induced him feel very sad.

Turns out our brother died in a vehicle crash that evening .”


” I considered my mama holding my newborn sister in her arms and taking her to bed. Not weird, right? My mom was still pregnant with my sister at that time. I went to kitchen and insured her still in there. Still pregnant. I didn’t even bother going to bedroom to ensure who just ran in there. Just nope. Stay in living room and mind my own business .”


” Oh okay. This one scarred me for a couple of months.

When I was in high school, a guy and I got into an argument, he socked me in the jaw, and started to fall to the floor. When I hit the floor, I instantaneously transported to a dinner table at which I was an adult. There are women sitting across from me, with a toddler son and a preteen girl. I got a good seem of my surroundings; a comparatively modern house, with what looked like two floors. I felt like I belonged here, like I had some sort of emotional connect with all the people in the room( especially the children ). Then, the woman( my spouse ?) asked me a question. When I opened my mouth, I threw up all over the table and woke up in a stretcher in an ambulance.

Hours subsequently, I found out I simply had a minor concussion. For a while, i felt like I left a part of my life behind; even though it is it was only for a bleak moment in that world. To this day, I can still clearly recollect all their faces and what the house looked like .”


” Six years ago, I was hanging out with my siblings in our yard during a clear, sunny day around high noon, and I abruptly caught something moving in the sky out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to get a better seem, I couldn’t reconcile what the fuck I was insuring. It was a metal cube merely … gliding through the air pretty high up. I proceeded to perfectly lose my shit and my sibs watched it as well before it disappeared behind some trees. We ran to the other side of the trees but it was already run. Still sneaks me out to think about. We did live right next to a military base so … induce of that what you will. Thing had all the aerodynamics of a literal brick though .”


” I driving down the freeway about 3am when a semi truck pulled alongside me then swerved into my lane operating me off the road and down a very steep incline. I recollect going over I gunned the engine Why I don’t know ), but as I was going downhill I kept telling myself to step on the breaking. I couldn’t move it was like someone was holding my foot down. Then I heard this voice tell me ok now you can step on the breaking. Neither my infant daughter nor myself were injured and the only damage to the car was a pit in the oil pan. Both the tow truck and the highway patrol officer was incredulous that I didn’t roll the car. They told me if I had tried to stop any sooner than I did I would have probably killed us both .”


” i was excavating a grave for a passed-on pet in the woods behind my house. i leaned on my shovel to stop for a transgres. i saw some kind of animal dart in front of me and leaned forward to look at it closely. it had vanished.

next thing i knew, i woke up lying on the ground and for some reason didn’t worry about it? i just got up and began digging again. it was a hot summertime in the mountains so when i got weak and depleted a little afterwards I figured i was get hot exhaustion. so i went back to my mom’s house to cool off. she freaked out because i was covered in blood. i had a big” skip mark” cut on the very top of my scalp like something very sharp had skipped across my head like a skipping stone.

it was in the middle of a property that backs to a big multicounty lake a mile or two back, and on other sides was just dense forest my family owned. no idea what it was .”


” I was driving back from a 16 hour road trip-up to watch family and working I was about an hour from home. The whole trip was just 4 days long, so I was pretty sleep deprived and had been driving by myself with very few stops.

I was cruising on the freeway and in front of me was a tunnel through the mountains. I hadn’t driven through a passageway on the way out of the state, so I became alarmed I had been driving the wrong way. I checked my gps but had no signal on my phone. Unusual, the whole trip i ordinarily have signal.

I instantly took the exit before the passageway to get my bearings. It was a big circle exit and at the end was a 4 style stop with a flashing traffic light. I took a left and the only thing around was a small 50 s style diner and a parking lot. All the sunlights were off in the diner, plainly shut, but the parking lot was FULL of cars. Like, packed. There were old classic automobiles and new automobiles but there was not a single soul to be seen. It was around 3am, so I didn’t expect a crowd, but there wasn’t a hotel or homes nearby.

Just a closed diner and parking lot full of cars.

I didn’t even slow down. I fucking noped out of there so hard. Pulled a uey in the street and drove back to the on ramp to the highway.

Once I was back on the freeway I drove for about 30 minutes until the gps came back. I was actually pretty close to home.

My friend and I once drove back “ve been trying to” find the diner but we never could find it … or the tunnel.

I like to think that if I would’ve pulled into the parking lot my vehicle might’ve been added to the collection and no one wouldve find me again .”


” In my hometown area there is a ghost story about a large grays bull that roams the local farms and shouts when insured merely to fade into thin air.

When I was a boy in the scouts I heard that narrative at a meeting and it built my blood operate cold and gave a distinct taste of salt in my mouth. One of my earlier memories was being in the bottom of our fields at home and walking back uphill towards our house, I appeared up and in front of me was a gigantic greyish-blue policeman standing between me and the house. I had never seen it before and we didn’t have cows, so when it bellowed I turned tail and ran down through the field. When I looked back behind me, in a wide open field with nowhere to go, it was gone. My grandmother didn’t believe me of course, but years later she was our lair mom, and when that tale was being told I appeared up at her across the room and she was already looking at me and white as a ghost .”


” Every year on my birthday for the first 20 years of my life I woke up at the exact time I was born. 5:56 am EST.

When I was stationed in the UK I woke up at 10:56 am and supposed,” huh, broke the streak …” until I realized I was 5 hours ahead …”


” Growing up my brother beat the shit out of me constantly. Like, cut eyes, bloody noses, police called beatings.

One day at the library I was reading a volume about some tribe who believed you could go into people’s dreamings and cast a sickness on them. So I did all the pre-dream ground run described in the book and that night I went to sleep and had a dream.

In the dreaming I was at one objective of a long road and my brother was at the other objective. I lifted my hand and pointed at him,” I cast a sickness on you .”

The next day we’re watching Tv and he said,” I feel like shit .”

” You have mono .” I don’t even know why I thought of that, but it was the first thing that came back mind.

” Fuck you bitch” was all he said and the conversation was over.

A week later it turns out he DID HAVE MONO.

I was freaked out. I was pretty sure I was a witch and would burn in hell.

To compound matters. I had a friend whose father was a professor. We’d get stoned with him and he’d always tell me random facts. I’m at his house and he starts telling me about this tribe that went in people’s dreamings and cast sickness.

I was paranoid as fuck that people would learn this horrible thing I did.

Now that I’m not 15 and an imbecile, I assume it was just the creepiest coincidence ever .”


” I have a friend who once told me about a day when he was in his teens. He slept in a bunk bed with two brothers in the lower bunk.

He said he dreamt a demon wearing the scalp of a human threatened to kill his brother. In order to save him, he somehow managed to procure a knife and set the knife to the neck of the demon. The demon tells him,” the only way to rid evil is through evil “. He hesitated and woke up to find he was pressing a butcher knife for the purposes of the neck of his younger brother.

He was still sleep, fortunately, but when he awake, he told the same dreaming precisely, except he was attacked by his brother in the dream and said the exact same thing,” the only way to rid evil is through evil “.

Nothing similar happened after that and it dedicated him some serious issues that resulted him to go through psychotherapy for a while.

I can’t say if it’s true or not. As far as I know he made the whole thing up, but I don’t think so as he was reluctant to mention it .”


” Not nearly as terrifying, but I shared a dream with my wife once. I dreamt that I was in a basement with a friend from run. He and I were talking and he led me through the door into a room where there was a table. On this table were three of my childhood cats. One was mostly white with places of black and long hair. Another was mostly black with spots of white with short hair. The third was a long haired tabby. I strolled up to them and pet the long haired tabby cat. The mostly white with black spots was named Annabel. The mostly black with white places was named Sylvester. The long haired tabby was named Garth.

Later my wife woke up and told me that she dreamt of me. She dreamt that I was in a room with a table that had three cats on there. One cat was largely white with spots of black and had long hair. The second was largely black with spots of white with short hair. The third was a long haired tabby cat. She said in the dream I strolled up to the tabby cat and started petting it.

I did not speak a word of this dream to her. As a matter of fact, she woke up and instantly told me before I even said a word to her. Freaked me the hell out and I still can’t explain it to this day .”


” Driving south down a back road parallel to a bunch of farm fields that end about 3 or 4 miles at a heavy pine treeline and the road curves hard to the left( east ). It was about 8p m when I was on my route home from work so the sunshine was setting to my right( west ); I was probably listening to music only zoning out waiting to get home when merely past the treeline I saw this smallish orange ball of light (?) rise up from behind the trees pretty slowly and came to a hover about 1 or 2 thumb thicknesses above the tree tops from where I was. INSTANTLY I’m thinking this isn’t the sun because when I looked to my right the sunlight was defining. Now my eyes are fucking glued to this thing and the whole time I’m hoping my vehicle isn’t going to mysteriously shut down either but while I’m thinking that this orange ball is getting bigger and turning yellow while another smaller ball of orange sunlight starts rising up next to the first one and the second have started to get bigger and turn yellow as well. I can’t fucking believe what I’m seeing and don’t think anyone else will either all the while trying to make sense of it. These two yellow balls of what I assume are light are now hovering above the treeline that I’m heading reluctantly toward but once the second had matched the first in shape size and hovering height they both just seemed to move south as they get smaller and smaller until I couldn’t see them past the horizon. There was no audio that I could hear from it/ them either. Military VTOL or otherwise I still actually want to know what it is. I personally think it was something( s) hovering up to takeoff level( being in a woodland that’s really the only way) and the colour plus sizing change was the engines warming up before it/ they ultimately left .”


” When I was 12 I spent the night at a friends home. We were up late chatting, falling asleep, listening to some music( Hotel California ), and abruptly the music stopped. A bright blue illuminate shined into the bedroom window, lighted the room up, then dissipated. Hotel California resumed like nothing happened. We were frozen, dumbfounded, and freaked out, getting lots of chills and feeling weird. “… Did you see that ?” I reluctantly get out of bed to peek outside: nothing there but an empty parking lot by a wooded area. I looked at the clock. It said 2:14.

For the next couple years it became somewhat of an urban legend among my friends. We’d stay up until 2:14 at each other’s house and dare something to happen like that again. Lots of fun, scaring ourselves, but nothing happened. It only became known as “214” and we’d joke about it whenever we ensure that it was 2:14.

Two years later I was at a different friend’s house, up late, watching movies in the living room( Hot Dog the Movie ). It was over, and we shut off the TV and were just chatting like normal, falling asleep. Suddenly, a bright white light shined into the living room window, illuminating up the place, then dissipating, just like the blue sun from two years before. I immediately was struck with fear. “… Did you see that ?” My friend responded, “… Yeah .” I was filled with dread as I turned over to get a view of the VCR to see what time it was, my body covered in chills with anticipation. It was 2:14. My whole body was covered with chills, my eyes watering, only freaking out. I already knew I didn’t need to get up to look out the window- my friend’s backyard is just all woods! Nothing could be back there.

Suffice to say, with two different witnesses to go along with myself, 2:14 was a corroborated real thing in my life and I’ve been haunted by it ever since. Nothing like it has happened since, but it sure did coloring my adolescence and make me intrigued and fascinated by all things paranormal, unexplainable, weird, fantastic, etc. It was no surprise I became a huge X Files fan .”


” I swear I had an abduction like experience .. I went to bed just like normal and I had what could only be rationally explained as a really lucid dream that I awoke to a darkened room with a light above me. I was in a medical chair and what built me’ wake up’ was an extreme pinching ache around my cervix. I was comforted by a human female who held my hand and told me to go back to sleep, it felt like I was given a sedative and everything ran dark and I don’t remember waking up that night only that I became aware that i was look at this place my ceiling and I couldn’t move( sleep paralysis) and when I was able to move I rolled over I was still scared at that point but I managed to go back to sleep and never told a soul .. it wasn’t weird until I went to my next gyno appointment a month afterwards when I was told I had abnormal frightening on my cervix that wasn’t there before so it always stimulated me question if my experience was real. I have a hard time talking about it for anxiety of being thought of as crazy .”


” I strolled the two miles home from my closing shift at taco buzzer, the whole time I felt uneasy. When I get home I have a brief moment of relief as I shut and lock the door. I still lived with my folks back then in their split-foyer house, the basement on the front of the house was half underground, while the back is not.

So at the entryway I turn on the basement light for a second, to make sure the floor is clear of my brothers playthings, after confirming it was I turned off the sunlight and strolled down the stairs.

Sometimes you get that sensation in the corner of your eye, that something’s there, and before you realize what’s going on, your gazing something outside the window. I merely watched red, glowing red eyes, staring back at me.

I was frozen, it had to’ve been over seven feet tall, then I bolted into my room, got for the purposes of the cover-ups and stayed there for a few minutes hoping I was just imagining it.

Then the back porch doorway opened, and my puppy who was kenneled right next to the inside door to that same porch starts going apeshit. Thank God for that, I believed, as I heard the porch doorway open and close again .”


” When I was younger I was really into looking at creepy places with my friends. Mostly would find nothing, just strange darkness or sounds that we would convince ourselves was much more.

One night we went down to Witch road as we heard there was a strange cabin in the woods that was supposedly scaring. Generally we did a lot of research on these places to learn about them, what other people have ensure or experienced, but this time we did none of that.

Found the address, print a copy the mapquest directions and took along the road. The road is truly out in the midst of nowhere surrounded by woods. It was about 8: 15 midsummer when we parked on the side of the road just as it was turning nightfall. We got out of the car and headed to the trunk to get our flashlights and backpacks.

We rounded the end of the car and I saw the cabin. I gestured to my friends to look at the cabin. Just then we saw what looked to be an orb that was slowly moving towards us. It was far enough in the distance that we couldn’t make out distinctly what the shape was. It wasn’t scary, didn’t build me anxious, it did the opposite I was incredibly intrigued and curious. I started walking into the timbers, leaving behind my knapsack and flashlight, my friends closely followed.

Breaking the stillnes we heard a crashing through the woods as a human seemed running towards us holding a lantern and telling us that we had to leave. We asked no questions and headed back to the car. The escapade was over.

We were all silent and in a daze driving away. Until my friend said, wait did that guy have a fucking lantern? What year is he from?

Still a strange weird moment in my life .”


” 5 friends and I we’re playing flashlight tag/ hide and seek and his huge farm. Across the pond, he has nothing but forest. We’re all playing, and two of us( my friend and I) have these sweet walkie talkies. Both of us, plus another were afraid to go into the forest, but the 3 of us decided to go in since we could conceal forever in there. We go in, and split up. Me by myself, and the two others together. With the walkie talkies, we were talking for perhaps 30 minutes back and forth, fairly stoked about our hiding places. I even ran up a tree and bit and determined the perfect little nook to just chill in. About another 20 minutes goes by and I haven’t heard from them. I walkie in, and nothing. Ok, maybe he didn’t hear it. I walkie again. This time, I get a beep back. It remained live for about 5 seconds. Are these things running? I tried again, and this time, I heard a distinct breathing. Alright well they have to be messing with me. Even so, it was freaking me out. I hop out of the tree and start heading back towards the house. As soon as I get down, I start hearing a howling. I thought it was coyotes but there was something off about it. It sounded just like someone in the distance howling, like a coyote. I was starting to get actually freaked out by this point so I high tail it back towards the house. I maintained hearing the howling and could swear it was getting closer. I picked up pace and started operating towards the edge of the tree line. As soon as I traversed it, the walkie sounded again and there was a cackle. Like, Witch cackle. I have never ran faster up to the house. Once I was back up, I gratified up with one of the friends who were “seeking” and told them about it.” Dude ___ and ____ are still out there, they definitively freaked me out .” He goes” uhh they’re back here, they said they lost track of you and just came back thinking you already came back .” Turns out, they came back but lost the walkie coming back. So, something procured the walkie. Or I was just hearing things .”


” My close friend lived in NYC, and she was driving with some cousins and got in an accident. This is about 2 am Sunday morning, I’m dead sleep. I dreamt the entire accident, and the scream from when they made the median woke me up. It voiced like she was right next to me, screaming in my ear. As i got my phone to call her and check, she called me. I told her bits and pieces of what i had insured, but she figured i had guessed everything.

Until i described the dress she had on, and she freaked out because she had never proven me the dress, she had just bought it, and i even knew there’s was a tag still on it .”


” So I maintain having this recurring dream. I live near a field in real life and in the dreaming, this is where it largely takes place. So I’m walking home late at night, specifically 11:49 pm and I cut across the field to get home quicker. I maintain checking my phone and I look up and there’s a pure black triangular seeming object with a white light on each vertex- not like a beam of light it more a torch style light. I walk faster and I hear humming which get louder and louder. I start running. There’s a pit in the fencing of the separation from the field and the road which I climb through and then I fall as I run through. All of a sudden I ALWAYS cut to 12:03 am with a cracked screen on the opposite side of the road when I’m walking to my house and the triangle in the sky is back to the original place in pure stillnes. I go to bed and wake up like nothing happened. But the reason this dream feels like it really happened is the fact I go to bed and go to sleep IN the dream.

Now the true experience. One night in July( can’t remember an exact date) I was strolling through the field and hear some humming coming from behind the trees at the back of the field. I believe “fuck that” and stroll faster. The day? 11:49 pm … I look into the trees and assure a bright white light so I start to panic and drop my phone as I walk through the hole in the fencing. I get to the other side of the road where I sit having a panic attack and think that this is exactly the same dream. Once I calm down I check the phone and walk home. It’s cracked AND it’s 12:03 am…

My most X-Files/ weird as fuck moment when my dream came sort of true .”


” Lost day.

My brother was helping me across the country. We borrowed a van and loaded everything up for the last trip-up. Merely before we left I checked my watch and called my gf that we would be hitting the road soon. My brothee checked the kitchen clock but merely told me afterward he did.

We set out but couldn’t do more than 80 km/ h because of the load. When we took the offramp of my new city my brother told me he couldn’t remember the journey, when I thought about it, neither could I. We both thought we where tired and believed nothing of it. However when we arrived at my new house my gf asked if I broke the speedlimit because we where almost an hour early. When retracing the road, my brother and I both agreed that we can remember passing a certain gasstation and nothing thereafter, until the offramp.

To this day we have no clue what happened during that hour we’re missing or how we could have traveled that fast. Not with any auto or van atleast.

Now at the beginning I wrote we both independently checked for time, this is important for us because one time source could have been wrong but not both. Also I called before we left which restrictions the time we could use to travel.

Since then we have never experienced any weirdness like it or otherwise. I don’t have any weird memories or dreams , no piece( s) of metal lodged under my scalp, etc. Just an hour I lost .”


” When I was 13 my parents had me living out in their shed( family issues ftw) which was always left to for breeze at night. One night I dreamt that I was in a bright white, round room lying on a bed or table with a bunch of almond eyed pale skinned humanoids around me. I was scared but couldn’t move, like I was weighed down. Abruptly I snap awake and feel like I literally drop into my bed.

It felt so real and nothing like it has happened since and I’m 30 now. Scared the shit out of me .”


” I have a weird one. Backstory. Was 18 years old. My parent had just tried to commit suicide. He was in intensive care at the hospital, and after me and my mum went to visit him we went to my grandmother’s home that lived nearby. Around midnight we decided to go home, and since my mother does not like freeways, we took an old mountain road. Around half the route home, going downhill, i noticed that the inside of the car was genuinely bright, so I look at the side and back mirrors to see if a car behind me had the suns on max, but there was nothing. I say to my mommy that’s really bright inside the car, and she answers me that she “ve noticed that” a few minutes back but she thought it was her imagination, so she said nothing.( It was a tough time for her and me, the doctors had told us that my father would not survive the night) I started looking around us( while driving never stopped) and notice a lighting between the trees. It looked like one of those helicopters focus illuminates, but it was behind the trees and the brightness inside the car did not change or was being interrupted, and that when I notice that it was just inside the car( a Suzuki samurai pick up, 2 seats ), outside it was still pitch black. It was just inside the cabin. That’s when I got scared, I told my mama about the light outside and increased the speed to get out of the woods to try to get a better look at it. As soon as I cleared the trees the illuminate faded, it didn’t shoot up anywhere, just faded, and the inside of the car ran darknes. My mother is convinced that it was an Angel or a light from Holy Mary.

I told got a couple of my friends but was ridiculed, and to this day no one believes me. Once in a while my mother and I still talking here it. My father survived,( and actually tried to commit suicide again a month before my weeding last year ). He survived again and is under drug. I still should be considered it. Especially when I drive at night. There is something out there …”


” I was sitting out back at my old place at about 4am during the summer. There were some railroad tracks behind the apt buildings. I was sitting parallel to the tracks, simply drinking beer and listening to music through some headphones. All of the sudden I see something in my peripheral vision. I turn my head and see this gold glowing humanoid figure is strolling on the tracks. It looked like a human, but with no discernible features. And it was glowing gold. I had my eyes on it for about a second before it ran behind some trees. It’s the only paranormal experience I’ve had that I haven’t been able to find the purpose of explaining.

Then again, I was pretty sauced by this phase so it takes away from my credibility. But I usually don’t ensure glowing figures while drinking .”


” Driving to Binghamton NY many years ago on the freeway, coming around a bend, over a hill to my right. A bright gold metal object falling slowly from the sky a few miles away. It fell like origami over itself and folded and unfolded randomly in multiple places like it was working it’s way to earth. This was in the early afternoon. First I thought it was a weather balloon but it was huge and ridged and very angular, changing shapes as it fell very considerably. Still have no notion .”


” When I was a teenager, multiple times I could’ve sworn that I heard a woman calling for help during the course of its evening while I would be standing outside of my parent’s home. It was always simply loud enough though that I would stop what I was doing to listen and then dismiss it after I didn’t hear anything else. I mentioned it to my friend at the time in passing, he got all serious and told me he had thought he heard the same thing on multiple occasions while leaving my parent’s home. We got all freaked out and were thinking it was some weird x-files thing. Now that I’m older, know how fucked up the world is, and reflect on the fact that my hometown had meth problem I feel like it’s much more probable that it was actually domestic violence. Now I simply feel bad that I may have heard someone who actually required help and rejected it as” simply hearing things”, and I feel even worse thinking about the facts of the case that I likely couldn’t have done anything to help even if I had taken it severely .”


” When I was younger, I used to get actually extreme deja vu. There was one time in particular where I ran about my day and took a test in school. I did ok, got the test back, appeared over my reply, etc. Didn’t really pay attention to what day it was. A couple of weeks later, get to school and same exact test except no one remembers taking it before but me. I wasn’t mad about it because I knew all the answers already but stuff like this happened all the time when I was in Elementary and Middle School .”


” When I was a child, while waiting for the bus I was very nearly attacked by the biggest, blackest, meanest dog I have ever seen, until an equally big white puppy came out of nowhere to my defense while I ran back inside. It has made me believe a lot about angels and demons, and I have never been sure what to believe since it happened .”


” When I was a teen I learned about lucid dreaming and how to induce them. Ended up taking a while to perfect how to do it but it was worth it. Most dreams objective up only being me are seeking to test my restrictions in various ways while exploring the strange dream world. One night I was practicing flying and ended up teleporting somewhere because I was abruptly inside a very high tech ship. And there was a super stereotypical foreigner inside. I tried to use my main means of assault, which was to telepathically pop a hole in it’s chest. I called it the hole puncher. But it did nothing. Like less than nothing. Then it get pissed. At this phase I’m not having a good time and feeling kind of riled so I try to wake up from the dream like I do when it’s a failed lucid dream. But I couldn’t. Then it lurched forward at me and the dread I felt was insane. The style it moved was nauseating in itself. I can’t even describe it. When it touched me I swear I felt real pain and that’s when I ultimately woke up. Never happened again but I won’t forget it .”


” Damn, I’ve got a good one for this, ultimately. Let me also say that the X-Files is my all period favorite depict, and I started watching when I was 11 or so because one of my teammates told me I looked like Fox Mulder( humble brag ).

Okay, so when my best friend and I were 15 years old we were in our own little terrible 80′ s hard rock covering band. His dad’s friend, who happened to a virtuoso jazz guitarist, asked us if we’d ever seen this amazing, must insure guitar movie called ” Crossroads .” We hadn’t, but he played it up so much that we just had to go to blockbuster that night and rent it.

So Crossroads is essentially given background by the true folklore tale of delta blues guitarist Robert Johnson, who sold his soul to the devil for incredible guitar ability. The legend runs that Johnson walked to a crossroad at midnight, with his guitar, and waited until the demon came. The devil can take any form he choice, and tends to take a sort that would make most sense to the person he’s interacting with. In this case, he’s an older, well-dressed southern gentleman in a fancy old ford. Anyway, the devil comes and inspects Johnson’s guitar and tells him that he can show him a few new tunings that will help him with his guitar playing. Johnson hands the demon the guitar, the demon tunes it, hands it back, and the contract is done. Johnson’s soul has been exchanged and by sunrise he will suddenly be able to play with otherworldly ability.

Okay, so being 15 years old and given the lack of much else to do that summer, my friend and I decided to give this thing a try. After a little 14 k dial-up research we figured that any old crossroad would do, and as luck would have it, there are plenty of places where 2 roads cross just about anywhere. We each took an electric guitar and at precisely midnight, strode out a few blocks away from his parent’s house to see what happened.

We stood there for upwards of a half hour, feeling a little foolish but bolstered by the brave and bold thing we were doing, joking to one another. After growing bored we began to debate whether or not to call it ceases. We’d tried and we’d failed. The devil wasn’t going to really come ask us for our spirits, after all, that’s just old folklore.

Suddenly, an unremarkable grey Toyota Camry, or Honda Civic, or Nissan Maxima slowly rolled over to us and pulled to a stop. A youngish human in his mid to late 20′ s with spiked hair and glasses rolled down the window and leaned in the different regions of the passenger seat toward our direction.

At first we weren’t sure what to believe. There were lots of reasons for a auto to pull over and inspect two teenagers standing on a street corner at midnight holding electric guitars, some more sinister than the rest. However, this was 1999 or so and things like that just seemed more commonplace than they do now.

“Hey”, he said.” I like what you guys are doing out here. Cool guitars. That’s really cool. You guys are merely hanging out here with electric guitars ?” We looked at one another. “Yeah” my friend said eventually.” Just hanging out. Bored. Nothing to do .”” You know ,” he began, appearing immediately at me, the resident guitar player in our two man band.” That’s a nice guitar. You should let me take a look at it. I gamble I could fix it up for you, indicate you a few things that might help .” I swallowed hard. Mind frozen, unsure how I’d come to this interpass where the veil between reality and unreality had become so thin. I knew what he’d say next before the words left his mouth.” There are some new tunings I know about ….”

We gazed at the man in utter skepticism. This couldn’t be happening. My intellect felt like it was on fire. Thousands of believes opposed urgently for purchase , none willing to budge. I froze. Finally my friend, always the most demonstrative of the two of us, spoke up.” Nope. Nope. We’re good. We’ve gotta run !”

Before we left, the man has said that he lived just down the block and indicated a row of nearby homes. He told us to come by if we’d ever had a change of heart.

We operated home, incredulous to the events that had just taken place. We operated back over the event with each other repeatedly to ensure that we hadn’t accidentally sold our spirits to the demon. I remember guessing how upset my grandmother would be with me if she’d is common knowledge that I had used to go seeking to make a deal with the devil.

A few days later, composure regained via our usual irreverent juvenile senses of humor, we’d largely gotten over the event. We decided that if this guy truly did live on that block in one of those nearby homes, we should go investigate. So we did.

We took a stroll, guitar-less this time, down to the group of 3 or 4 houses the man had vaguely indicated with a swipe of his hand on the aforementioned night. As we approached the general destination, I began to hear swooning music that grew louder as we approached. Use the music as a guide, we located the house that was the source of the sound, and sat down on the cool grass separating the sidewalk from the street.

Looking at my light-up Casio watch, the revelation wasn’t lost on me that it was just after midnight. As we listened closer, we were surprised, although maybe not as surprised as we should have been, to hear that the music wasn’t coming from a stereo system, but was live; the rehearsal of a band. Impossibly, as we continued listening, the rehearsing band played a near identical defined list of the anthems that we ourselves would practise in my friend’s basement, literally less than a quarter couple miles out. The quality of this band’s practise, however, was unbelievable, especially since we’d expend some time search and knew of no local musicians in the area, especially so incredibly close by.

We deemed that locating” The Devil’s House” and tried to go back a few more days, but never heard the music again. We never insured the man in the nondescript foreign sedan again, and never attempted another bargain. 18 years later, we still tell the story of the night we met the devil to incredulous friends who never seem to believe us.

I promise that this story is 100% true, and we’ve spent plenty of period considering that maybe the guy in the car had considered crossroads himself recently and was just pulling an incredibly effective prank on us. If so, his follow through was excellent, as after that one night, we never again heard or saw of him, his band, and never encountered anyone that could vouch for the fact that he even existed. By that point we therefore far too scared to do anymore digging and just decided it best to let it be .”


” When I was a freshman in high school I was up early to get ready for school. My friends slept till 730 but I was garmented by 7:15 or something. Call it me trying wayyy to hard. We live in the middle of no where, on my family farm. My neighbour is my grandmother and the other my aunt. Each a good half mile apart.

I was putting on my make up, the sun was up and I was 100% awake. I saw something outside my window. One of blind people had been tilted so you could see out even with blind people pulled. I thought it was our cat so I peeked out blind people to be sure, I was going to pull blind people open and scare it, but when I peeked out I insured a son. He had blond hair, wore a white long sleeved shirt like some under shirt from the 18 th century and tan gasps. I watched him look toward the sunshine, look left then over his shoulder. At that phase I got mad. I guessed this child couldn’t be more than 12 or 13 and here he attempted to peek in on me.

I stomped out side ready to grab this little shit by his ear and find out who he was and what he was doing. I get out side and he’s run. There’s not many places he was able to conceal but there weren’t any foot publishes in the dew covered grass. I started to think about it and the child wasn’t tall enough to reach the crooked blind and there wasn’t anything for him to stand on. I quickly ran around the well home, and tried look for foot publishes anywhere but find no tracing of the boy.

I went in the house and back to my room and passed my brothers room and consider the latter are both still asleep. They both have dark brown almost black hair.

It’s been almost 20 years since that happened but I’ll never be borne in mind that child. I also can’t recollect his eyes when I tried to picture them. So in my memory his eyes are black. I do remember how he stood somewhat huddled, his clothes, his hair, even how he turned but never his eyes ….”


” I live in a small, quiet township in North Jersey. When something crime related or strange goes on everyone knows about it. When I was 11, I was playing with my neighbor outside her home, which is right across from the secondary school field. Her mommy was inside and it was just us trying to sell beaded art to construct few bucks. No one was around so we weren’t really making anything. We start to hear what I can only start to think to describe as cry, but it wasn’t like anything I had every heard before. It was coming from the second field concealed by the school building. After a few minutes of this going on a policeman cPooar rounded the corner and the wail stoped. The policemen pulled up to us and asked if we had find anything out the ordinary. We told them about the noise and where it was coming from, and they told us it was probably for the best that we went inside. After they drive towards the school the cry starts again, but it abruptly stopped in the middle of a scream. We operate back inside and tell her mommy. She doesn’t believe that we heard anything. Haven’t heard anything about the incident around town , no one seems to know what we were talking about. Mulder theory: cryptid, specifically jersey devil. Scully theory: mentally unhinged person screaming and inducing unidentifiable noises in a field. This happen earlier this year. Me and my current friend like to drive around and catch up whenever she comes back from college. We drive typically to around a few towns to a county over. We were driving through a nice residential area at night after ensure a movie. Something in from to the houses catches my eye and we stop and appear. At first all I notice is a snow shovel planted in the ground then a person in a coat holding onto it. The house didn’t have illuminations on but I could tell the person head was pulled back, staring at the sky, mouth open. It freaks us out for some reason a we bolt.We try to rationalize what was going on. Maybe they were just out shoveling? It was like 1 in the morning and there hardly and snow on the ground. Around an hour subsequently, we drive back and still ensure the above figures there, same exact posture. We are like ok, maybe a they forgot to take down a weird ass Christmas decoration for like 2 months. So we glisten her vehicle suns and nope it’s a fucking person. We get the fuck out there, frightened out of our minds for some reason. My hypothesi: dead bo

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