8 Instagram photos that pay clever homage to vaginas

The vagina birthed us all into this world, and it deserves the utmost pleasure. The pussy is a gift. But rather than believe dirty supposes, send sexts, or whack off to RedTube, Id much instead happen upon a suggestive Instagram pic that merely alludes to pussy; the more subtle or suggestive, the better. Here weve collected eight such lovely pics for your viewing pleasure. Nothing graphicjust pure visual lust and entrenched desire.

1) I Love Beaver

I was road-tripping with my dad from Chicago to Los Angeles. While I love him dearly, this familial time was overwhelming, and I received myself floating off to believes of sex adventures. I was looking for a sign, some kind of sign, on the fifth very long day of driving. Thats when we set out in the small town of Beaver, Utah. As we meandered through the gas station, hopping back into the car to drive a few blocks to one of the three restaurants in town, I noticed this sign. Why defy this pussy-posi moment? I told my papa I would BRB, snapped this pic, and fell it onto Instagram. I never told him where I ran, but I think he knew.


A photo posted by Alicia Eler (@ aliciaeler) on Aug 11, 2015 at 6:43 pm PDT

2) The Center of Your Universe

No pussy-lover misses a including references to Gustave Courbets The Origin of the World ( 1866 ). The paint is simply a portrait of an unnamed females vagina, her legs spread to reveal her gloriousness. Sadly, her head is not included in the painting, which effectively turns her into a sexualized object for the male gaze. That is not a road to pleasure for the pussy. I was overjoyed when I went across @wetheurbans remake of this piece, entitled The Center of the Universe , with a womans hand entering this florally imagined vagina instead of some gross dude ogling her from behind his canvas. I felt that this image communicated a true love for the pussy. Bonus: Check out the beautiful blue blooms and butterflies that also abound in this sweet, delicate, super-sexy image.

The Center of the Universe, @janabrike

A photo posted by WeTheUrban Magazine (@ wetheurban) on Dec 9, 2015 at 8: 05 pm PST

3) Dynasty Handbag critiques the amazing movie Carol

Carol , the filmed based off the 1952 Patricia Highsmith book The Price of Salt , charts the romance between a young woman named Therese Belivet and an older married woman named Carol. Theres quite an age difference between the two, which only heightens the hot older girl sensibility of their connect. The fact that Carol and Therese meet at a department store in Manhattan where Therese happens to be working the vacation change as a shopgirl is eerily reminiscent of Steve Martins Shopgirl ( 2005 ), in which wealthy older entrepreneur Ray( Martin) seduces a young lady in L.A. named Mirabelle( Claire Danes ). Is Carol the east coast lesbian version of Steven Martins west coast Shopgirl ?! In any case, it doesnt take long before Therese is over at Carols grand mansion, somewhere in Jersey, where Carol determines herself doing things like … brushing Thereses hair !? Hey, it is the 1950 s. Performance artist Dynasty Handbagexploits the awkwardness of their age gap in this hilarious collage. Also, duh, Carol loves that young pussy andspoiler alerting! theyre gonna eventually do it.

100 strokes every day mommy

A photo posted by Dynasty Handbag (@ dynastyhandbag) on Dec 1, 2015 at 7:49 am PST

4) Lick it soft, lick it good, lick it like you know you should

I have nothing to say about this super sexy video by NYC-based Gaby Cepeda, former editor of Nylon , except #lol #pussy #doitright 😛 TAGEND

Long hair days #tbt

A video posted by Ella Cepeda (@ ella_cepeda) on Dec 10, 2015 at 9:51 am PST

5) The gooey blood of real pussy luvvvvv

Portland-based artist/ writer Brannon Rockwell-Charland curates blood and guts and foods that look like wet pussies. Observe exhibit A, the gooeyness of oysters in their tin, the blood on Brannons finger, the guess about menstrual blood and that gushy pussy when its hemorrhaging … it all equates to true love for the vag. If you cant love your bloods, than WHAT YA GONNA LOVE !!!

via _pastabitch_/ Instagram

6) Slippery vaginal roads

Late one evening, I was casually texting with my friend Richard( @timescanner) in Seattle, a town that gets way more moisture than the desert lands of Los Angeles, where Im currently living. I felt the conversation was turning. OK, Im not gonna lieit was definitely turning, and I edged it forward. Richard is a curious novelist as well as a prolific tweeter and texter, and its hard to imagine being attracted to someone who doesnt text like you. So I told him what I was really doing the other night after wed been texting. I was pleased where reference is send this selfie my style at exactly the moment I was thinking about wanting to fuck him. I barely managed to keep the phone from sliding out of my hand. We couldve been sexting buddies, as Alana Levinson described on Medium, but I got too emo and also wanted some in-person action. Thanks for being a total sexting babe, Richard!( This photo is posted with permission from Richard, who Ive also met IRL. For me, sexting without that contact is a bad idea .)

7) Rockin’ vagina

Scrolling through Instagram one morning, I noticed a photo posted by my friend David Prince. He was somewhere near Santa Barbara, where he snapped the picture below, which seemed oddly vaginal to meso much so that I tweeted this:

If the stone formation itself induces up the legs, that moss in the middle is definitely a pussy, and the water is all the go that pussys been squirting because its getting fucked right.

A photo posted by David Prince (@ david_soup ) on Nov 27, 2015 at 10:46 am PST

8) That tortured pussy book look

My buddy Seth Watter, spouse of the porn-a-rific artist Faith Holland, recently started posting to Instagram. Seth is a PhD student at Browns Modern Culture& Media Survey program, so he is naturally pretty mentally and emotionally tortured by the grind that is academia. Social media is a fun outlet for him. Together, Seth and Faith own not one , not two, but four cats, which patently means that they both love and respect the pussy. This tantalizing kitty pic is available on Seths newly minted Instagram, the kitty of fun mirroring the depict of a kitty having even more fun on the cover-up of Jane Colliers An Essay on The Art of Ingeniously Tormenting . Since pain is pleasure, here is a fun quote from the book that shows all of this:

Although I would have you inculcate early into your children’s breasts the love of cruelty, yet, by no means, call it by its true name; but encourage them in the practice of it for the purposes of the name of Fun.

A photo posted by @sethwatter on Dec 7, 2015 at 8: 45 am PST

Photo via mario/ Flickr( CC BY 2.0 )

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