September 11


A Shelter’s Call For Old Chairs Goes Viral, And The Pet Couldn’t Be Happier


Cat Behavior

Everyone love a nice, comfy chair — and these puppies are no exception.

The Knox County Humane Society in Galesburg, Illinois, recently put out a call for used chairs.

“The shelter pets absolutely love their chairs! ” the organization, a no-kill shelter, wrote on Facebook. “If anyone has any older chairs they no longer want, please think of the shelter pets! ”

The public responded in a big way.

The shelter merely released footage depict their furry chums kicking back and relaxing in their comfy chairs.

Knox County Humane Society

They love their chairs, ” Erin Buckmaster, the society’s volunteer executive director told the “Today” show. “It’s wonderful.”

The furniture isn’t just going to the dogs. The organization also posted a video describe some of their cats enjoying the donated chairs.

These chairs probably would’ve been sent out to the curb for trash collection, Buckmaster said, but now they’re getting a second life as comfy new resting places for pets in need.

“We never dreamed it would take off like this, ” Buckmaster said. “I truly just wanted the dogs to feel more comfortable while staying at the shelter.”

Animal shelters around the country also need renders — including chairs — and donations. More importantly, the pets need forever homes. To rescue a pet from a shelter near you, try Petfinder, Adopt–APet or the ASPCA.

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