Adorable cat genuinely loves the postman, jumpings in his basket daily

Remind you of anyone ?
Image: BBC1

Turns out Postman Pat is real, you guys. And so is his cat. And they’re Kiwi!

A friendly cat has taken to “helping” the neighbourhood postal service employee in Taranaki, New Zealand, by jumping into his carry basket everyday.

A video posted to Twitter by NZ Post demonstrates a postman( called “Levi” in the tweet) riding his bike and being approached by said eager kitties, who proceeds to follow him closely before jumping onto a fencing and straight into the postman’s basket for head scratches.

It’s a ritual the two BFFs have perfected. Everyday the postman rides by and everyday the feline friend jumps into his basket like the helpful helper it patently believes itself to be.

If only all cats were so eager for affection when you greet them on the street. If your day is dreary, may this furry little guy brighten it, just like it does for Levi on the regular.

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