After A Beach Vacation, This Couple Returned Home In Pain With Worms In Their Feet

It’s easy to ensure why the Caribbean is one of the more popular vacation spots for those looking to escape the winter weather.

But what these travelers experienced in Punta Cana was far from relaxing. Eddie Zytner and his girlfriend, Katie Stephens, returned home from an exciting vacation at the IFA Villas Bavaro Resort in Punta Cana to find that their feet were incredibly itchy. The truth behind their itchy feet is enough to make you lose your lunch.

Initially, the couple wrote off the rub as nothing more than sand fleas, a common occurrence when you expend lots of day at the beach.

But when Zytner awoke one Saturday morning to find his feet were not only itchy but swollen, he decided to go to the hospital.

The doctors had no real justification for the couple’s discomfort, and after being sent home, their conditions merely continued to worsen. The skin on their feet started to swell and blister.

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