Americans Have Just Detected Mr Blobby And They Have No Idea What To Make Of Him

Mr Blobby, a national treasure of the 90 s .

Here he is making a reappearance on the Big Fat Quiz of the 90 s a few years ago.

He hasn’t changed at all has he? Well, this clip was recentlypicked up by a Redditorand it has started to attract the attention of a few Americans. It’s fair to say they weren’t ready, and they have no idea what to induce of Blobby. Here’s some of the comments.

“I feel like I took acid”

“Mr. Blobby is gonna f* ckin haunt my dreams.”

“More importantly, what the f* ck is he? ”

“He looks like silly putty, and sounds like a Dalek.”

“This is like going to a friend’s family reunion. You understand they have traditions and their own thing going on but no matter what those people’s sh* t is weirder than your family’s sh* t.”

“That was utterly f ** king terrifying”

“Jaaaack* Hides behind desk and peeings pants* ”

“I had to shut it off, he was freaking out my cats”

“He is a utterly nightmarish to me, stimulates me shudder every time I hear that’ blobby’ noise.”

“His voice is very unsettling.”

“I’m American, and I got absolutely no idea who’ Mr. Blobby’ is, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t the funniest, weirdest, most brilliant bit of television I’ve ever seen in my entire life”

One Brit helped with this brilliantly accurate description.

“He was like if a puppy brain was put into the body of a blancmange appearing humanoid and hed come on and ignore the personal space of various celebs.”

Is Mr Blobby about to break America? I blooming hope so. In the meantime here he is partaking in a place of DIY.

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