September 30


‘And that’s a wrap’: Florida Supreme Court affirms governor’s right to suspend Sheriff Scott Israel


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Here’s some news from Tuesday we didn’t want to let slip by. You probably first ensure Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel on stage during CNN’s show trial simply one week after the Parkland mass shooting and before the public had learned anything about how, say, the school resource officer stood around and did nothing, Broward deputies took cover behind their autoes and did nothing, until police from Coral Springs eventually rushed past them and into the school building to start rescue efforts.

And of course, during that present trial, Israel — who knew all of this — tried to lay the blame on Dana Loesch and the NRA.

The case against the Broward Sheriff’s Department and its handling of the situation was massive, and as soon as Ron DeSantis took office as Florida governor in January, he issued an executive order suspending Israel — a move that Israel, of course, blamed on the NRA , which he claimed “controls the governor’s actions.”

Israel refused to bow out softly, but on Tuesday, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Gov. DeSantis was fully within his authority to suspend Israel.

Among those happy to hear the news is Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter Meadow in the shooting.

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Hey CNN, we keep asking but we never hear back … when are you going to have that follow-up town hall knowing all that we do now? We hear Israel has time on his hands, and we’re sure Loesch would like to ask some follow-up questions.

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