Animals brave the ‘Beast from the East’

Image copyright Big Cat Sanctuary Image caption A pallas cat at the Big Cat Sanctuary at Ashford in Kent

As England is gripped by a freeze spell dubbed the Beast from the East, creatures great and small are braving the snow blizzards and biting winds.

These photograph show how our furry friends have reacted to the cold snap from a timid peep outside their nests to wild frolicking with their playmates.

And whether they like the weather or not, animals across the country make a stunning sight against the fluffy white backdrop.

Image copyright Weather Watcher WilfChlsfield Image caption Snowy whiskers in Bromley, Greater London
Image copyright ZSL London Zoo Image caption A Sumatran tiger watched the snow fall at London Zoo
Image copyright Jayess Photography Image caption Rodney the cat stretches out to explore on Canvey Island in Essex
Image copyright Chester Zoo Image caption Sun bears Milli and Toni play fight in the snowfall at Chester Zoo
Image copyright Darren Moston Image caption A vole peep out from beneath a blanket of snow in Lower Walton, Cheshire
Image copyright Exmoor Zoo Image caption A tapir discovers a spot of sunshine to bask in at Exmoor Zoo in North Devon
Image copyright Weather Watchers Gareth 401 Image caption Weather Watcher Gareth 401 snapped a deer in Richmond, London

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