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Apparently, If You Take A Selfie Through A Toilet Roll Tube You’ll Look Like The Moon, And The Pics Are Mildly Funny


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Welcome to the internet, the only place you’ll see people walking in pigeon shoes and Keanu Reeves … doing things. This time, we’ve got something special for you, a furor first started by Nathan Knight, after he submitted an image of himself as the ‘moon’ to Twitter account @TwopTwips. Nathan even included an explanation of how he achieved this incredible seem. “Convince people you are a moon by taking all your selfies through a toilet roll centre, ” he wrote. Since then, people have been obsessed with it, thrusting lavatory humor into the stratosphere. Scroll down to check out the fun they’re having with it.

# 2 Alien Moon

# 3 I Did This A Few Months Ago When My Baby Was Sleeping !!

# 4 I Love This Trend

# 5 Moon Selfie

# 6 I Am The Only Moon!

# 7 Hahaha If You Take A Selfie Through A Roll Of Toilet Paper You Look Like A Stupid Moon

# 8 Moon Selfie

# 9 My Moonface Is For Lunar Mission One! Pretend To Be The Moon – Take A Selfie Through Toilet Roll

#10 Pretttty Sure My Cats Gonna Smother Me In My Sleep.

#11 I Did My Cat Atreyu Couple Months Ago

#12 My Jojo Wasn’t Impressed. He Stuck His Tongue Out At Me

#13 Hello Its Me, The Actual Moon

#14 She Is So Tired Of My ****

#15 2019 Is Going To Be My Year

#16 This Took 246 Tries

#17 Howdy, Moon Men

#18 Pretty Moon

#19 I Did The Same And A Friend Told Me It Looked As If I Was Peeping Through A Glory Hole

#20 My Cat Is 110% Done With My ****

#21 Become The Night

#22 It Doesn’t Help That My Dog Is Scared Of The Toilet Paper Roll

#23 I Can Be Your Moonlight, Baby

#24 I Had A Whole Entire Post Dedicated To This On My Page And I Failed Miserably. I Still Cannot Do This ****

#25 Get With The Program Buzzfeed, This Is Old News

#26 I Like This Better My Dog Through A Bone

#27 Sleepy Moon

#28 That’s No Moon!

#29 Pensive Moon

#30 Can Y’all Include A Tutorial

#31 Moon Selfie

#32 This Is The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Seen And I’ve Been Laughing For A Solid 10 Minutes

#33 Take A Selfie Through A Toilet Paper Roll And Make Yourself The Moon

#34 Es I’m A Grown Woman& Made Myself Late 4 Work This Mornin Tryin This Anyone Who Knows Me Knows I’m A Moon Lover So Had 2b Done

#35 Better Yet. Take A Pic Of Your Frenchie Moon

#36 I’m In Orbit!

#37 This Took Me Longer Than I Care To Admit

#38 This Was From Like 3 Years Ago

#39 Oh This Was Not Disappointing

#40 I Took A Selfie Through A Roll Of Toilet Paper And I Look Like The Moon. Creativity And Laughter! Try It!

#41 Who Knew That I Am At My Most Beautiful As The Moon ?!

#42 This Is By Far, One Of The Dumbest Things I’ve Seen Thus Far In 2019, Which Means I Obviously Had To Do It. It Also Took Me A Solid 20 Times To Master

#43 Well Now This Is Why I Keep You Guys Around. Good Work

#44 We Spent Waaaay Too Long On This, Especially Since It Turned Out Looking Like We Were Looking Through Toilet Paper Tubes

#45 Questions You Should Ask Before You Use All Toilet Paper

#46 Take A Selfie Through A Toilet Roll Tube So That You Look Like The Moon

#47 Well This Was My Best One

#48 Good Thing I Read This While On The Toilet. How Convenient

#49 Take Me To Your Leader

#50 Mother Moon

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