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Image caption Defoe pledged to keep in touch with the family after his move to Bournemouth

Footballer Jermain Defoe has visited terminally-ill Bradley Lowery after their own families uncovered the six-year-old is having difficulty breathing.

Former Sunderland star Defoe has struck up a close friendship with the avid Black Cats fan and club mascot.

Bradley, from Blackhall Colliery, near Hartlepool, has neuroblastoma and is receiving palliative care at home.

Defoe, 34, constructed the journey to County Durham on Friday, the day after he joined Premier League club Bournemouth.

Bradley’s mothers have already said they believe he has just a short time to live.

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Image caption Bradley has been Sunderland mascot several times with his “best mate” Defoe

In a statement, his mother Gemma said: “Brad is very weak and detecting breathing difficult, but he is fighting it.

“Last night, his best friend Jermain came to visit him and it was so heart warming watching how Bradley reacted.

“He was so happy and laid for ages get snuggles. Bradley was genuinely relaxed with him.”

Defoe, who pledged to keep in touch with the family after his move to Bournemouth, has described his relation with the ill child as the “highlight of his season”.

“Away from football the relationship I’ve managed to develop with Bradley and what I’ve brought to his life and what he’s brought to mine has been really special, ” he said.

“It’s just been sad to ensure him go through what he has been and he’s only six. But I still feel blessed that I’m able to be in his life.”

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