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Cat burglar steals milkman’s money


Cat Behavior

Image copyright Rachael Drouet Image caption The pilfering pu may not be the cat that got the cream – but he did get the milkman’s money

A kleptomaniac cat notorious for stealing items from its neighbours has “finally brought home something of real value” – PS2 5.70 in cash.

Pilfering puss Theo became known for thieving Christmas decorations and toys in Ipswich, which owned Rachael Drouet would then try to return.

She had joked it might be useful if he brought home cash instead of “tat”.

So he did. The eight-year-old Siamese cross stole the money a neighbour had left out for the milkman.

Ms Drouet and her family recently to come to a new house in the town and thought Theo might have left his thieving habits behind him.

Image copyright Paul Edwards Image caption There was a note in the bag with the owner’s address on it

Far from mending his routes, the filching feline upped his game and steal a plastic suitcase containing the cash.

Luckily there was a note inside with an address, and Ms Drouet’s partner Paul Edwards was able to return the money to their neighbour.

“He explained we have an Asbo cat, ” Ms Drouet said.

“The young chap smiled, took the money and acted like that kind of thing happened all the time.”

Image copyright Katie Drouet photography Image caption Owner Rachael Drouet said Theo had a differed history of nicking neighbours’ belongings

Mr Edwards said it had been a “great way for me to introduce our cat’s behaviour to the new neighbours”.

The couple said: “Stern terms[ were] had with Theo – he said he thought it was his old favourite – an empty charity purse.

“Mistake pointed out, he was full of apologies.”

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