Cat Is Rescued After Getting His Head Stuck In An Iron Fence

When a stray cat got his head stick between the bars of an iron fence, the Los Angeles Animal Service Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team, otherwise known as SMART, was called out to rescue the feline in distress.

The stray, nicknamed Midnight by neighbors, was known to regularly go in and out of the bottom of the fencing. But one day, after being cruelly shot twice with a BB gun, the poor kitty got scared and ran through the incorrect pit. After trying to gently push his head back through the bars, the rescue team enlisted the help of a vet technician who sedated Midnight as the team successfully freed him from the gate.

After his dramatic rescue, Midnight was taken to an animal shelter to be cared for, and I’m very happy to report that the little guy was adopted soon after by a caring family.

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