Cats Named Mac And Cheese Almost Died In A 10 -Alarm Fire, But They’ve Got 9 Lives

In the event of a flame, it’s important to get out of the house as quickly as possible.

Often, that means leaving behind beloved pets, whether we want to or not. When a 10 -alarm fire broke out in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that generated a fireball impacting multiple buildings, Christina Jeffrey was forced to leave behind her two beloved cats, Mac and Cheese.

Eighteen hours later, the flame was still being contained, and she asked Lieutenant Brian Casey if he could rescue them. He wasn’t sure if they would be alive, but he pledged to do his best.

He made his way up to her build, and much to his astonish, Mac and Cheese had hidden in a closet and were alive and well. The emotional reunion with their owner was caught on camera.

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I’m sure those kitties are just as happy to be back with their mommy as she is happy to have them. Share this story if you think firefighters are real heroes!

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