Check Out Retta’s Hilarious Story About Taylor Swift Cutting Her In The Golden Globes Bathroom Line!

Treat yo’ self — when it’s your turning, that is!

In her upcoming memoir, So Close to Being the Sh* t, Y’all Don’t Even Know, Retta talks a great deal about her interactions with bigger celebs on her way up.

Idris Elba is super hot in person, Michael Fassbender is super hot for black women, stuff like that.

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But according to a new feature on the Parks and Recreation star in Vulture, the best story is about the time she was standing in line for the bathroom after downing too much champagne at the 2014 Golden Globes — and Taylor Swift apparently tried to cut her place in line!

She regales the reader:

I was like,’ Was I? We was standing in this together for like 15 minutes. Bitch, you know I was next, ‘ and I walk past her and went to the bathroom.”

Ha! Amazing!

Retta may be starring on Good Girls now, but she is not one to mess with when she’s full of Moet& Chandon!

She told Vulture the lawyers for her publisher were iffy on a narrative that induces the traditionally litigious -Alister look bad 😛 TAGEND

“The lawyer was like okay, how can we work this because[ Swift] may be like,’ That never fucking happened.’ It did because I told the narrative the minute I came out of the bathroom, and I’ve been telling it ever since. It was pretty fucking funny to me.”

Still, there is one retaliation for the book she sounds like she’s hoping for 😛 TAGEND

“I was guessing I’ll be in her sungs next.”

Too funny! We are def getting that book…

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