Colorado police describe mountain lion attack and how girl saved son

Boy was under the cat but mom was able to pry its jaw open and child is in fair condition at hospital as his hero has been treated and released

Summoned by the sound of screams, a Colorado woman raced to her front yard to find a terrifying sight: a mountain lion was hunched over her five-year-old son, biting him.

The woman charged the animal, yanked away one of its paw and detected her sons whole head was in its mouth. She didnt back down.

She was able to pry the cats jaws open, Pitkin County sheriffs deputy Michael Buglione said. Shes a hero.

The boy suffered deep cuts to his head, face and neck and was flown to a Denver hospital. The mom, who also had scratches and bites, is credited with saving his life.

The ordeal started Friday evening when the five-year-old and his older brother were playing outside their home near the resort town of Aspen, Buglione said.
When the woman operated outside, she found the mountain lion huddled over her younger son, who was struggling to get free.

The boy was entirely under the cat, Buglione told the Aspen Times.
The mother grabbed the lions mouth and pried it open, freeing the boy. She then scooped him up and ran away, the deputy said.

The boys parent had just returned from a running when the attack occurred. He jumped in the car with his wife and son and called 911 as they sped to the Aspen hospital.
From there, their own children was flown to Childrens Hospital in Denver in fair condition.

On Saturday, a hospital spokesperson told the Times she was not authorized to release any details on his condition.

The mother suffered bite marks on her hand and scratchings on her leg, authorities said. She was treated and released. The family members names were not released.

The mountain lion was estimated to be about two years old and was not fully grown.

It wasnt a big cat, Buglione said. Had it been a 110 -lb lion, which Ive insured around here, this would have been a much different tale.

Wildlife officials killed two mountain lion in the area within several hours of the attack. The animals were being examined to determine if they were hungry, diseased or simply in the wrong place at the wrong hour.

Colorado is home to up to 4,500 mountain lion, and they sometimes stray into urban areas looking for food, according to country wildlife officials. Since 1990, mountain lions have killed three people and injured 18 in the nation.

Theyre wild animals. They find habitat where they can fodder for food, Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Matt Robbins said. When “youve had” bunnies, youre likely to find foxes or coyotes. If “youve had” deer, there is a good chance youll find mountain lions.

The last known lion attack on a human in Colorado was in July 2015, wildlife officials said. A young lion assaulted a human as he fished north of Dotsero, about 60 miles from where Fridays attack occurred. The human suffered scratchings and bites on his back and was treated at a local clinic and released.

The lion in that incident, described as a small, yearling male, was tracked and killed.

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