Everyone’s Least Favorite ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Is On Hinge Now

One of the last periods we really heard about Josh Murray was because he was broken off with baby-voiced Amanda after session and subsequently getting engaged on. Before that, he made headlines for being publicly rent to shreds for being a manipulative bastard by another former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman in her tell-all book.

Now, Josh is back at it again on the dating scene and apparently since the Bachelor franchise hasn’t worked out for him, he’s on the app circuit now.

Friend of Betches Jared Freid got the, uh, opportunity( if you want to call it that) to interview Murray about what he’s actually looking for in a potential girlfriend. So ladies, if you want an( alleged) emotionally abusive asshole, listen up !!

Murray tells Freid the first thing he looks for in a girl is that she cares about he household. I entail, he did fall for Amanda and her two adorably sweet daughters, so I don’t think this is a total lie. He likely really does like families or some shit. I guess I read somewhereor did I just watch it in a episode?* Shrug* that many serial murderers and narcissists have loving households and are prominent members of their communities, this is something that detail checks out for sure.

Next, he says putting a dog or animal in your profile painting is a great way to get him to swipe righter, whatever you do on Hinge to get a match. Can we just assume he means a puppy or a bunny or something silly and cute? No one wants to see your nine cats walking around on your kitchen counters, Katie. That’s what we in the dating biz call a “turn-off”.

Josh assumes he’s still single because he’s so picky. Okay, that’s like, a page out of the single betch playbook. If you just say that you’re really picky and want to wait for the “right person” it hurls your friends and family the hounds off the smell that you’re actually a total psycho and no one wants to date your sketchy ass. Just saying.

The dating and successful relationship expert then goes on to explain that it’s not a great idea to post a lot of party pics on your dating profileyou wouldn’t want your future spouse to see you as a drunk sex-fiend when you are trying to come across as wifey material. Besides, everyone knows your best bet is to go on national television and act like a drunk sexuality fiendthe path to marriage.

Are we actually convinced that this guy with a shit ton of Instagram followers needs dating apps to find a woman? Eh, although the Bachelor franchise wasn’t too kind to him in the end , not really. But if you happen to see Josh Murray out and about in the game, please send us screenshots because we’re dying to see that profile pic and what he uses an opening line. K thanks.

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