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Fans thought stand-up’s death ‘part of act’


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Image caption Stand-up comedian Ian Cognito was performing at a comedy club in Bicester when he fell ailment on-stage

Veteran stand-up comedian Ian Cognito has died on-stage during a performance.

The 60 -year-old comic sat down on a stool while breathing heavily, before falling silent for five minutes during his show on Thursday.

Compere Andrew Bird said the crowd at the The Atic bar in Bicester had thought it was a joke, and continued to laugh, unaware something was wrong.

South Central Ambulance Service corroborated Cognito was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mr Bird, who runs the Lone Wolf Comedy Club event at the venue, said Cognito had not been feeling well before the gig started, but insisted on going on-stage.

“He was like his old self, his voice was loud. I was thinking ‘he’s having such a good gig’, ” Mr Bird said.

Mr Bird said Cognito had even joked about his health during his set, telling the audience: “Imagine if I died in front of you lot here.”

It was Mr Bird who first went on-stage to check if his fellow comedian was ok.

“Everyone in the crowd, me included, thought he was joking, ” he said.

“Even when I walked on-stage and touched his arm I was expecting him to say ‘boo’.”

‘Proper comic’

Once it became clear something was wrong, two off-duty A& E nurses and a police officer began chest compressings and an ambulance was called.

Audience member John Ostojak said: “Only 10 minutes before he sat down he joked about having a stroke.

“He said, ‘imagine having a stroke and waking up speaking Welsh’.”

Mr Ostojak said: “We came out feeling really sick, we just sat there for five minutes watching him, laughing at him.”

Mr Bird said dying on stage would have been the way the veteran comic “would have wanted to go”, “except he’d want more money and a bigger venue”.

Cognito, whose real name was Paul Barbieri, was born in London in 1958, and had been performing since the mid-1 980 s.

Fellow comedians have paid tribute, describing it as a “proper comic” and praising his support for up-and-coming acts.

Eight Out Of Ten Cats presenter Jimmy Carr paid tribute to Cognito, saying: “I’ll never forget his kindness when I started out…”

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