September 9


Grumpy Cat is dead, but will live on through AI


Cat Behavior

San Francisco( CNN Business) Grumpy Cat — the angry-looking celebrity feline who launched countless internet memes — died on Tuesday. The beloved cat leaves behind her owned Tabatha Bundesen, a small empire of volumes and merchandise bearing her unique face, movie and TV appearances, and millions of Google hittings.

Images spread across the internet are often collected by researchers and used to train artificial intelligence algorithms to do chores like recognize people or animals in images, or even learn how to generate wholly new images of people or animals.

There are millions of images of Grumpy Cat online, so it should come as no surprise that they appear to be influencing the faux cats generated by at least one AI system. The cat could show up in datasets containing images from the internet — and in results that emerge from these datasets — shaping AI in a grouchy style for years to come.

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