Guy Absolutely Terrifies His Cat By Dressing As Human-Size Version For Halloween

Dogs and cats are very different, but that goes without saying.

Heres one huge discrepancies between the two you may not know about: Dogs love Halloween, and cats utterly hate it.

Thats the conclusion Ive come up with, anyway, and Ive get evidence to prove it.

Last week, the owner of an overzealous Golden Retriever dressed as his dogs favorite chew doll, and hesent his pup into a country of pure excitement and bliss.

Yesterday, the owner of a black cat garmented as his furry feline for Halloween, and his cat lookedcompletely terrified.

A Reddit user with the name redditmeman posted a picture of the man dressed as his cat with his feline in his arms.

He captioned the photo,

My buddy dressed up as his cat for Halloween. Seem at the cats face

Costume of the year, right here:

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