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Two years ago, three cats were left in an abandoned warehouse in Dubai. The friend and two sisters were blind and faced certain death had their rescuers not saw them.

They went into foster care and the brother, Blue, was actually adopted…

But when he couldn’t find his sisters, he became stressed out and nervous. That’s when he was returned to his promote. Word got out about the cuties and one kind female ultimately changed ALL their lives.

Even though Catherine Magno had just adopted her first kitten a month earlier, she knew it was the right thing to keep the trio together.

Magno worried that it would be hard raising three blind cats. But instead, it ended up being incredibly easy so long as she didn’t move furniture around frequently.

After surveying the entire house, memorizing the lay of the land, they knew where everything was!

See? They’re just like regular, playful cats.

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The trio lost their sight due to a cat influenza that ran untreated at a young age.

But today, almost two years later, they’re truly living the life.

Including loving their( adopted) fourth sibling!

( via Bored Panda)

As Magno put it, “Blind pets see through their hearts.” We couldn’t agree more!

If you want to follow along with these adorable siblings, do so via their Facebook page.

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