Healthy Eating Inspiration From 16 Precious Animals Who Love Their Veggies

If you’re a parent, then you know the never-ending combat to get your kids to eat their vegetables.

As we’ve ensure countless periods before, trying to force your children to eat their daily servings of veggies simply doesn’t work. And although we can attempt to mask them in a variety of ways, somehow our children always figure out what’s going on.

Maybe infants just need a dependable voice of reason to steer them toward a healthier lifestyle — and who better to persuade them to abandon candy and sweets for carrots and beets than a lovable animal? I guarantee that once you indicate your kids these 16 cuties that love snacking on healthy treats, they’ll want in on some veggie action, too.

1. This pooch can hardly wait for his proprietor to finish cooking his favorite veggies.

2. Cats and dogs can agree on at least one thing — veggies are the bomb!

3. This health-conscious capybara loves to mix his veggies in with oatmeal to help start his day off right.

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