Here Are Some Adorable Kine Sitting Like Dogs…Because The World Is Good

In elementary school we were always asked open-ended topics such as, “If you could be any animal, what would you be? “

While some more adventurous children would dedicate wild answers like elephants and alligators, I was always firm in my decision to be a puppy. I entail, let’s get real for a second — name one animal that’s better than a puppy. They can do all kind of tricks, they detest cats as much as I do, and they’re literally nicknamed man’s best friend .

And since they say imitation is the sincerest sort of flattery, I can totally pertain when these country cows decided to become one with their inner puppy.

These kine discovered that they could live their best lives by sitting like dogs.

Whether they’re lounging around the barn…

Or enjoying the scenic view.

“If puppies can do it, I can too! “

“I believe in equality for both farm and domestic animals.”

“I no longer have to be ashamed of being a cow. I can sit like a dog with my head held high.”

“I’ll lie around on the hood of your car, simply because I can.”

Dogs better watch their backs, or pretty soon we’ll be calling cows man’s new best friend.

Don’t be surprised if I start playing fetch or barking at people in public. I’m merely living out my childhood dreams.

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