How One Cat Went From The Kill List To Being’ Mayor’ In His New Home

If you live on the same floor as MushMush the cat, you can expect a warm welcome when you get out of the elevator.

The big orange tabby has been nicknamed “Mayor of the Ninth Floor” by his building mates in the Bronx because of his penchant for greeting people. His owned, Despina Goanos, told The Huffington Post that the inordinately friendly feline started meowing whenever he heard the elevator, so she decided to open the door and let him wander the foyer — only with her careful supervising, of course.

Despina Goanos
MushMush begrudgingly celebrates Easter.

“He started greeting people and strolling down the corridor with them, ” she said. And MushMush has made a ton of friends.

“He has a very gentle soul, ” Goanos said. “He’s very lovable, he’s extremely friendly, he loves everybody and he’s convinced he can build everybody love him.”

Other residents of the building stop by to visit MushMush and bring him gifts like toys and balls. Goanos’ Irish neighbors even brought the ginger cat a green prow tie for St. Patrick’s Day.

Despina Goanos

But the kindhearted cat almost didn’t get a second opportunity at life. MushMush — previously known as Samson — objective up at New York City Animal Care and Control in July after his proprietor succumbed. When no one had adopted him after about three weeks, he wound up on a list indicating he was “at risk” for euthanasia. NYCACC publishes these lists every day in an effort to encourage potential promotes, adopters and rescue groups to take the dogs and cats.

That’s where Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming, a rescue group in the Bronx, came in. They were able to find a temporary foster home for Samson with a Bronx nurse who renamed him “MushMush” because she felt like he was “the mushiest cat alive.”

In February, MushMush went to his new, permanent home with Goanos after she contacted Magnificat looking for a feline companion.

The only hitch? MushMush, who loves all people and animals, is a little too in love with his own reflection.

Facebook/ Magnificat
MushMush takes a well-earned nap.

“He holds on trying to make friends with the red cat in the mirror, ” Goanos told. “He’ll be … cooing to that other cat forever, and in the middle of the night I don’t want to hear that.” She solved the problem, at least temporarily, by placing a sheet over the mirror.

While MushMush’s story has a very happy objective , not all homeless cats are so lucky. Shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with cats and kittens, especially in the summer months, when more stray kitten births and people leaving on vacation causes a drop in the number of people interested in fostering or adopting, told Magnificat’s Mary Stewart. In New York City, Stewart said, a higher number of evictions seem to also occur in the summer, means that more pet owneds are left in a position where they feel they must give up their cats.

“I wish more people would … not go to pet stores and just adopt from the shelters, ” Goanos told. “It’s a horrible thing that so many healthy animals are being put down.”

Learn more about how you can help support Magnificat here and here. And if you’re interested in adopting a new friend as awesome as MushMush, check out the rescue group’s adoptable cats or visit your local animal shelter.

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