Instead Of Neutering Cats, A Mayoral Candidate In Rome Plan To Unleash Them

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Less lovely than its many sights, however, is its rat problem.

While not many legislators feel the need to address this issue, one mayoral candidate has proposed a revolutionary solution.

Antonio Razzi wants to unleash thousands of cats in Rome to serve as rat hunters. It’s a controversial proposal, but he’s standing by it.

Razzi wants to let 500,000 felines run amok in Rome.

The cats would be imported from Asia and let loose in the streets to target the rodents that have been causing problems across the city.

To incentivize skeptical residents, Razzi said that he would consider devoting subsidies to anyone who housed one or more of the cats.

Many feel that the issue came to a head after a statute requiring that stray cats and dogs be spayed or neutered was put in place. They back this up by quoting reports that say the rat population has increased since this law took effect.

( via Fox News)

Well, you can’t say he’s not creative. Who knows? His inventiveness might even help him out when the election rolls around.

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